40 Sweet Alternative Names for Grandma

40 Sweet Alternative Names for Grandma

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When it comes to giving a sweet nickname for your grandma, the options are plenty! A nickname for your grandma can be chosen from any language or ethnicity, or can be chosen from a cooler list of modern nicknames! Grandmothers have always held a special place in our hearts and whatever role she plays in your life, you will always be special to her! Therefore, one of the best ways to show your affection and love towards her is by giving her a sweet nickname that fits her personality!

Cute Grandmother Names That Kids Will Love

Here is a list of cute, funny, and adorable nicknames you can use to call your grandma! You can even make your own little variations to these names to make it sound unique and personal.

1. Abba

‘Abba’ is a cute and unique nickname for your grandma, whether or not you love the Swedish pop group.

2. Abuela

In Spanish, ‘Abeula’ is the term for calling grandmothers. An alternative of the name includes ‘Abuelita.’ You can also call the shortened version ‘Abbi,’ ‘Lita,’ or ‘Tita.’

3. Baba

In Ukrainian, the word for grandmother is ‘Babusia,’ but you can call the shortened version, ‘Baba,’ which is equally charming!

4. Bella

In Italian, ‘Bella’ means beautiful and is perfect for calling your loving and charming grandmother.

5. Bubbles

For a grandma with a bubbly personality, ‘Bubbles’ is the perfect name!

6. Geema

Geema is a short form for the word ‘Grandma’ and is a modern name you can easily pronounce.

7. Gigi

This two-syllable name is a wonderful and adorable nickname for grandma and can be easily pronounced by the children!

8. Glamma

Short for ‘glamorous grandma,’ this cool grandma’s name is perfect for naming your cool grandma. An alternative of this would be ‘Glammy.’

9. Grammakins

Just like ‘Abuelita,’ give a fun twist to the traditional name ‘grandmother.’ Grammakins is a cute and wonderful option for your grandma.

10. Grand-mère

This sweet nickname is commonly used by French children to call their grandma. A short and easy version of the word is ‘Mémé.’

11. Granny Pie

For all those sweet grandmas out there, ‘Granny Pie’ is one of the best nicknames you can give them!

12. Huggy

If your grandma is really into hugs, then you give them this cute grandma’s name!

13. Insta-gram

For a grandma who is tech-savvy and stays up-to-date with the latest internet trends, this nickname is perfect!

14. Kitty

This nickname is great for a grandmother who likes animals and is a wonderful and cute option.

15. Lola

In the Philippines, children call their grandmother ‘Lola’ but this easy-to-pronounce word can be used by anybody around the world!

16. Lolly

Nothing is as adorable as naming your sweet grandma ‘Lolly.’ If you name your grandpa ‘Pop,’ then you get an incredible pair, the Lollipop!

17. Lovie

Naming your grandma ‘Lovie’ is the best way to show your love and affection to your kind and cute grandma!

18. Mawmaw

With its French roots, this name is commonly used throughout Louisiana. You could also consider the more ethnic name, ‘MeeMaw.’

19. Moomins

Moomins is definitely going to be a charming option as the word is named after a Scandinavian kids show.

20. Moo-moo

‘Grand-moo’ is a cute term for any grandmother, especially if they love animals. You could shorten it to something cuter, ‘Moo-moo!’

21. Nanna

The word ‘Nanna’ is an affectionate and sweet name that little kids find very easy to pronounce.

22. Sassy

An obvious sassy grandma’s name, this name is perfect for your sassy, lovely, and full of spirit grandma.

23. Thatcher

If your grandma has a will of steel, then you can choose this name for her. This is perfect for your ‘iron lady’ grandma.

24. Tinks

Tinks or Tinkerbell, like the fairy in Peter Pan, is a perfect and cute nickname for grandma.

25. Tutu

In Hawaiian, children call their grandmas with this nickname. The official term for grandmother is ‘kuku wahine.’

Other Nationalities Grandma Names

Here are some alternative names for grandma in other languages:

1. Avo

In Portuguese, the term ‘Avo’ is used by children to call their grandma. This word can be easily pronounced.

2. Babushka

‘Babushka’ is the term for calling grandmas in the Russian language. This is a cool and old grandma’s name.

3. Bibi

In Swahili, the term ‘Bibi’ is used for calling grandmas, and children can easily pronounce this two-syllable word.

4. Daadee

The word ‘Daadee’ is used for calling grandmas in Hindi. This is another easy-to-pronounce word.

5. Halmeoni

Give your grandma a unique nickname by choosing this one! This is the term for grandmas in Korean.

6. Jida

Go for a traditional name by choosing ‘Jida.’ This is the word for grandma in Arabic.

7. Muthashi

‘Muthashi’ is a traditional grandma’s name and is derived from Malayalam. Some children might find it hard to pronounce.

8. Nani

Give your grandma a nickname that sounds traditional. The word ‘Nani’ is derived from the Bengali language and is easy to pronounce.

9. Nene

In Turkish, the word for grandmother is ‘Nene,’ and this two-syllable word is perfect for your grandma!

10. Nenek

A unique sounding nickname for your loving grandma, the word ‘Nenek’ is used for calling grandmothers in Malay.

11. Nonna

A perfect nickname for your sweet and loving grandma, call your grandmother ‘Nonna,’ derived from Italian.

12. Oma

‘Oma’ is the word used for grandmothers in German, but anybody can try this easy word!

13. Seanmhathair

Try something unique by giving your grandmother an Irish nickname. The word ‘Seanmhathair’ is the term for grandmother in Irish.

14. Sobo

‘Sobo’ is the word used for grandmother in Japanese. This term can be a short and sweet nickname for your grandma.

15. Zumu

Chinese children call their grandmothers ‘Zumu’ but this easy-to-pronounce word can be used by anyone from any origin.

This list with a diverse collection of cool, cute, funny, international, and sassy nicknames is sure to help you find the perfect and most adorable one for your grandma!

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