Top 130 Aesthetic Girl Names With Meanings

130 Aesthetic Names for Girls With Meanings

It’s natural to be nervous when you have to choose the perfect name for your daughter. As her name is more than a collection of syllables and letters simply put together, your apprehension is justified. Her name will be her identity throughout her life. We hope you find these soft, girl aesthetic names suitable for your little girl.

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It’s never simple to come up with a unique name for your baby girl. There are thousands of names to select from, and it’s tough to choose a perfect name that sounds pretty and has a beautiful meaning. To help you pick the most beautiful name for your newborn girl, we’ve compiled a list of aesthetic names for girls along with their meanings. You can choose from the below list of names, ranging from classic to contemporary and traditional to unusual.

Cute Aesthetic Girl Names With Their Meanings

An anesthetic name for your little bundle of joy is the ideal choice. Every little girl will grow up to become a beautiful woman one day. So an aesthetic name that is beautiful, artsy, and meaningful will suit her best. Here are some cute and popular aesthetic names for baby:

1. Ailee

Ailee is a beautiful Scottish origin name that means “sight.” The name originates from the ancient Greek name Ailee meaning “light” or “bright.”

2. Alaska

Alaska is a name of Native American origin, meaning “great land.” The name is also a derivative of Alaxsxaq, an Aleut word meaning “mainland.”

3. Alice

This beautiful girl’s name meaning “noble” and “kind,” is a derivative of Old High German and old French names– Adalhaidis and Alais.

4. Angelina

Angelina is a popular girl name. This aesthetic name is a diminutive of Spanish, Greek, or Italian origin name, Angela, meaning “angel.”

5. Annabelle

This English-origin feminine name combines two Hebrew and French names- “Anna” and “belle.” Both names respectively mean “grace” and “beauty,” making this an ideal choice for your baby.

6. Aquitaine

The aesthetic French-origin feminine name is a place-name for a region in France famous for its gourmet food and wines.

7. Aria

Aria is a Hebrew origin name meaning a “song” or “melody.” The name also has its origin in the Albanian language and means “gold” or “treasure.”

8. Arwen

Arwen is a Welsh name which means “muse.”

9. Atlas

This name of Greek origin means “support.” Atlas is a name that means “great strength” and is an ideal name for a strong girl.

10. Auberon

This English and German-origin feminine name means “noble” or “bearlike.” The name also refers to the royal bear.

11. Autumn

This beautiful girl’s name is a nature-inspired name symbolizing the popular crisp and colorful season.

12. Avery

Avery is a traditional Old English surname meaning “ruler of elves,” which has evolved into a popular girl’s name.

13. Bathsheba

This aesthetic feminine name from Hebrew origin means “daughter of an oath.”

14. Bea

This name of American origin means “blessed,” which also means “she who brings happiness.”

15. Bellatrix

This Latin-origin female name meaning “female warrior,” is appropriate for a beautiful and strong girl.

16. Belle

Belle is a beautiful French-origin feminine name meaning “beautiful.”

17. Blair

Blair of Scottish origin means “meadow” or “plain” and is a popular girl name.

18. Briella

This beautiful name of Italian origin means “God is my strength.”

19. Bronte

Bronte is a greek origin feminine name meaning “thunder” and is an expressive girl name.

20. Cami

This Latin-origin feminine name means “helper to the priest.”

21. Cara

Cara meaning “dear friend,” is a name originating from Latin with a warm meaning.

22. Catrine

Catrine is a variation of the popular name Catherine meaning “pure” or “chaste.”

23. Celeste

The name from Latin origin means “heavenly” which is an exemplary girl name.

24. Chantilly

Chantilly is a French-origin feminine name meaning “singer.”

25. Chantria

This aesthetic feminine name of Khmer origin means “moon-faced” or “moonlight.”

26. Charlotte

This elegant French origin girl’s name is a derivative of Charlie meaning ‘free woman” or “petite.”

27. Christabel

This name of Latin origin means “beautiful Christian” and should suit your baby the best.

28. Christian

This elegant feminine name of English origin means “follower of Christ.”

29. Claudine

Claudine is a cool and calm name of French origin. The name means “lame.”

30. Clementine

Clementine is English origin girl’s name meaning “gentle.”

31. Cleo

Cleo, the diminutive form of Cleopatra, an Egyptian origin name, means “father’s glory.”

32. Coral

This sweet feminine name is drawn from the marine elements. Coral is a beautiful element found under the sea.

33. Cyan

Cyan is a beautiful girl’s name derived from the blue color.

34. Daintree

Daintree is a long history of Anglo-Saxon origin. This unique name refers to several landmarks in Australia, like Daintreeriver and Daintree forest.

35. Darby

This aesthetic feminine name of Irish origin means “ without envy.”

36. Delaney

This elegant name of Old French origin means “from the Alder tree.”

37. Della

Della is a stylish feminine name of German origin meaning “noble”.

38. Delphine

This French-origin girl’s name means “dolphin,” a unique and quirky name for your baby.

39. Demelza

This unique girl’s name is of Cornish origin and means “fort on the hill.”

40. Dionne

This Greek-origin girl’s name means “divine” and makes for a beautiful girl name.

41. Dorthea

Dorthea is an aesthetic girl’s name of Greek origin meaning “gift of God.”

42. Effie

This stylish girl’s name from Greek origin means “well-spoken.”

43. Eglantine

Eglantine is a unique girl’s name of French origin. The name is derived from the sweetbriar shrub.

44. Elliot

This super-cool name means “brave”, “bold”, and “Lord is my God.”

45. Ellis

This aesthetic name of Welsh origin means “benevolent.”

46. Eloise

Eloise is a beautiful French-origin girl’s name that means “healthy” or “wide.”

47. Elora

This elegant Hebrew-origin feminine name means “God is light.”

48. Ember

Ember meaning “spark,” is a meaningful English origin name for your baby girl.

49. Emerald

This elegant female name from Persian origin means “green.” The name is popular due to a precious gemstone of the same name that is green in color.

50. Esme

Esme means “to love” and is an adorable girl’s name of French origin.

51. Evangelica

Evangelica is a Greek-origin feminine name with an expressive meaning, “bearer of good news.” Another variation of the name is Evangeline.

52. Eve

Eve is one of the most popular aesthetic names for a girl. The timeless name from the Hebrew language means “life”.

53. Everleigh

This girl’s name from English origin means “from the Boar meadow.” Traditionally, it was a unisex name, but it has gained popularity as a feminine name in the past few decades.

54. Faith

Faith is an elegant name for girls. The name from English origin symbolizes the eternal virtue of complete trust or firm belief.

55. Fay

This short and sweet girl’s name means “fairy.” It is the perfect name for a daughter who is the fairy of her parents’ lives.


56. Feather

Feather is a prominent name with American roots since the 13th century. It means “calmness” and “purity.”

57. Ferelith

Ferelith is a unique name for girls. The name has Gaelic, Scottish, and Irish origins and means “true sovereignty.”

58. Finley

This Scottish boy’s name translates to “hero” or “warrior.”

59. Flora

This beautiful girl’s name is derived from the Latin origin word, Floris, which means “flower.”

60. Frankie

Frankie is the female variation of Latin origin male name, frank. The name has a symbolic meaning of freedom.

61. Gardenia

Gardenia is a nature-inspired girl’s name meaning “garden’s flower.”

62. Gemini

This name of Latin origin means “the twins.”

63. Godiva

This unusual girl’s name is of English origin and means “God’s gift” which is ideal for your baby.

64. Grey

Grey is a fine gender-neutral name of old English origin. It refers to “someone with grey-toned hair.”

65. Harlow

Harlow is an English-origin girl’s name meaning “army hill” or “rock hill.”

66. Hattie

This cute girl’s name is of German origin and means a ”home-ruler.”

67. Hayden

This lovely English-origin girl’s name means a “hedged valley.”

68. Hazel

Hazel coming from English origin is a beautiful girl’s name meaning “hazelnut tree.” The name also symbolizes protection and authority. Hazel became popular as the color of eyes are similar to a hazelnut.

69. Hermione

Hermione is a female name popular in Harry Potter books and movies. This aesthetic girl’s name is of Greek origin meaning “earthy” or “messenger.”

70. Hollis

This Anglo-Saxon origin girl’s name means “dweller of the holly tree.”

71. Hope

This virtue-name for a girl is of English origin and symbolizes positive desire or aspirations. Hope also refers to feelings that are pure and can’t be corrupted.

72. Ianthe

Ianthe meaning “purple flower” is an unusual girl’s name of Greek origin.

73. Indy

Indy is a beautiful name and means independent according to American origin.

74. Isla

Isla is the diminutive form of an island and is of Scottish and Spanish origin. The name referring to an island is also a historical name of a Scottish river.

75. Ivy

Ivy is a popular English origin girls’ name. The name is derived and refers to the Ivy plant.

76. Izzy

Hailing from Hebrew origin, the name means “God’s promise.”

77. Jamila

Jamila is an Arabic origin name. The name is the feminine derivation of Jamil, an Arabic name for males meaning “beauty.”

78. Jolie

This popular feminine name is of French origin. Jolie meaning “pretty,” is an elegant name made popular by actress Angelina Jolie.

79. Jules

This name of Latin and American origin means “youthful.” It is a perfect name for a beautiful girl.

80. Jun

This sweet Latin-origin name means “queen of heaven.”

81. Juniper

Juniper of Latin origin is an elegant, feminine name meaning “young” or “evergreen.”

82. Juno

Juno is a short and aesthetic female name of Latin origin. The beautiful name means “queen of the heavens.”

83. Kaira

This sweet name meaning “beloved or friend,” is of Greek origin.

84. Laney

The name of French origin, Laney is an elegant name meaning “bright light.”

85. Larina

Larina is quite an elegant name of Latin origin and means “seagull.”

86. Lavender

Well, who does not love this sweet-smelling and soft-coloured flower! Lavender comes from the Latin word livere, which means “blueish.”

87. Leanna

Leanna is an Irish Gaelic and English-origin female name meaning “light of beautiful woman.”

88. Lorelei

This exotic female name of German origin is the name of a place. The name refers to the steep cliff on the River Rhine. It also refers to a beautiful maiden from German mythology.

89. Magnolia

Magnolia is an elegant name derived from the magnolia flower. It is named after the 17th-century French botanist, Pierre Magnil.

90. Maia

This Greek-origin feminine name means “brave” or “confident.” Maori is the other variation of the name.

91. Marlowe

Marlowe is a name of English origin referring to the Driftwood. Driftwood is a wood known to be providing shelter and food to aquatic animals.

92. Mari

This short and crisp name means ‘drop of the sea’. It also refers to “the Basque goddess of fertility and weather.”

93. Meriah

This beautiful girl’s name is of Hebrew origin. The name has several meanings, such as “wished for,” “Star of the sea,” or “God is my teacher.”

94. Milana

Milana is a feminine name of Czechoslovakian and Slavic origin. The name derived from Milena means “favored.”

95. Nazareth

The name finds its origin in the Bible referring to Nazareth, which was the hometown of Jesus Christ as per the New Testament.

96. Odette

Sharing roots in the old French and German, this sophisticated name means “wealth.”

97. Olive

Olive is an English word derived from the “Olive tree.”

98. Olivine

This unusual and elegant girl’s name is derived from the olive. It also refers to a gem with a green hue.

99. Oriana

This beautiful girl’s name is of Latin and Italian origin and means “dawn.”

100. Pandora

This mythical feminine name of Greek origin means ‘all gifts.” As per Greek mythology, Pandora was the first mortal woman created by the Greek gods.

101. Peony

This Greek origin name that means “flower” will be a suitable name for your baby girl.

102. Phayra

A variant of Fayre, the name means “light-haired.”

103. Poppy

Poppy is a cute and feminine name taken from a beautiful flower Poppy. This flower is known to symbolise peace.

104. Posie

Posie is a sweet girl’s name of English origin, meaning “flowers” or ”bouquet.”

105. Rae

Rae is the diminutive form of Rachel. The name of Hebrew origin means “ewe” or “female sheep.”

106. Ramona

This beautiful feminine name is of Spanish origin. The name is derived from the male name Ramon which means “protecting hands.”

107. Rory

According to French origin, Rory means “red king.”

108. Ruby

Ruby, a Latin origin name means a “red precious stone”. The name also symbolizes the deep red color.

109. Scarlett

Scarlett is a stylish vintage name referring to a shade of red.

110. Serena

Serena is an elegant girl’s name derived from serenus, a Latin origin word meaning ‘serene”, “tranquil” and “clean.”

111. Thea

Thea means goddess in Greek. It is also the name of the Greek goddess of light and the mother of sun, dawn, and moon.

112. Tinsley

This English-origin girl’s name refers to the shiny, metallic decorations mainly used on Christmas trees. It is also a name for a place in South Yorkshire. Tinsley in Old English means “Tynni’s meadow” as it is derived from Tynni and “hlaw,” meaning “barrow” or “meadow.”

113. Titania

This unique and one-of-a-kind name of Greek origin means “the great.”

114. Ursa

Ursa is a variation of the Latin origin name Orsa meaning “female bear”. The name finds its origin in the Scandinavian language name Ursula too.

115. Vera

Vera is an elegant Albanian name, quite popular in western countries. It means “truth” or “faith.”

116. Victoria

Victoria is one of the popular aesthetic female names. This female name of Latin origin means “victory.”

117. Violet

Violet is the name of the colour that represents “love”, “affection”, and “modesty.” It is one of the VIBGYOR colours of the rainbow.

118. Violette

This French-origin female name means “purple.” The name is also written as Violet.

119. Waverly

Waverly is a sassy English name meaning “meadow of quivering aspens.”

120. Willow

This beautiful girl’s name of English origin means “graceful’.” The name is perfect for a sweet and elegant little girl.

121. Winnie

Winnie is a name made popular by the cartoon character of the same name. This female name of English origin means “gentle friend.”

122. Winter

How about this name if you love this season or if your sweet daughter is born in this season? There’s no harm in trying.

123. Xena

Xena is a unique girl’s name of Greek origin and is a variation of Xenia. The name means “guest” or “stranger.”

124. Yara

This unique girl’s name is of Brazilian origin and means “water lady” or “small butterfly.”

125. York

York is a feminine name of Celtic origin meaning “Yew tree”. The Yew tree is popular for its own renewal. Though the name was unisex, off late it has gained popularity as an aesthetic girl’s name.

126. Zahara

Zahara is an aesthetic girl’s name of Hebrew origin, which means “to shine” or “flower.”

127. Zara

This elegant Arabic and Hebrew origin female name means “God remembers.” The name also refers to a blooming flower.

128. Zayda

This beautiful Arabic name means “master.”

129. Zenovia

The name is a variation of Zenobia meaning “force of Zeus,” derived from Greek origin.

130. Zuri

Zuri is one of the most unique aesthetic baby girl names. The name is of Swahili origin and means “my rock.”

So, whether you’re wanted a classic name or a modern artsy name for your little girl, you can choose any of these aesthetic names for your little princess.

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