Home Remedies for Baby Care With Simple Things Available in the Kitchen

Home Remedies for Baby Care With Simple Things Available in the Kitchen

Mostly as mothers we are very much bothered about out our baby when they fall sick. Below are some of the home remedies for baby care:

1. If your baby is feeling irritated and crying a lot, it may be due to a stomach upset. As a baby can’t speak, try to apply some coconut  oil or desi ghee to the baby’s stomach and massage gently for 2-3 minutes. It may help the baby feel better.

2. If baby is suffering from a cold, take a small amount of camphor (pacha karpooram), mix it with coconut oil or desi ghee and heat it on a medium flame for 2 to 3 minutes. Apply it on the baby’s chest and back 3 times a day. In the night, apply it to the feet of baby and put on socks, as this also helps the baby get relief from cold.

3. If baby has more heat in the body, try this. Take a paan leaf and apply castor oil to the leaf. Place it on the baby’s stomach and it will absorb the excess heat in the body. The leaf turns brown after absorbing the heat.

4. To get smooth skin for baby, take khas khas (gasagasalu) and dry it for 2 hours in sunlight if available. Roast it and make a fine powder, keep the powder in an airtight container. Half an hour before the baby’s bath, take a little amount of powder and soak it in water to make a paste. After the completion of the baby’s bath, clean it with water (like we apply conditioner after shampoo to our hair).

5. This is for kids above 4 years. If they are suffering from loose motions, follow this remedy. Take one tablespoon full of fenugreek seeds and make the kid swallow them with water. After that, make them eat 2 to 3 tablespoons of curd.

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