Stop Mom Shaming

New and experienced moms often face many criticism and taunts about the way they are bringing up their child and also get lectured about parenting. One such incident happened to me a few days back.

I was at the food court in a mall. We had a meltdown point. My son was out of control as he wanted to have more gaming time and my lil princess became very cranky and hungry. Both were crying, both wanted my attention and both were super tired too ?? My husband came to the rescue and handled my toddler but my baby girl just wouldn’t stop and the nursing room was too far.
 The most shocking thing was – two girls at the adjoining table commented and giggled about how I was not a good mom and couldn’t handle my kids. Duh…!!! Really…??? If people cannot understand a mom’s situations and meltdown points, then you are at fault. It’s natural. Every mom has definitely faced this at some point of time. Instead of laughing around and criticising other moms, people should be helpful and empathetic. And if they cannot be kind enough, they should just back off and mind their business. Because no mother deserves any kind of criticism and bad comments.
Remember, you too were a child once and you also must have given a tough time to your parents. You will realize how tough parenting is once you become a parent yourself. I am an imperfect momma… But I am perfect for my darling kids. They love me. They adore me. They cannot live without me. They need me 24×7. And I am blessed and more than happy to be for them all the time. Don’t judge me. People should never judge any mother because they never know what she has been through and they would never understand until they haven’t walked in her shoes.
Cheers to all moms-  you all are incredible and incomparable supermoms. #allmomsaresupermoms
#stopmomshaming #stopmomshaming #stopmomshaming
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