Don't You Think Nature Has a Role in Raising a Child?

Don’t You Think Nature Has a Role in Raising a Child?

Are you a very protective parent who says it’s sunny and keeps your child indoors? Don’t you expose them to wind and the rains? Then keep reading to know why it’s important for children to connect with the nature.

Recently, parents tend to keep their children behind locked doors. They keep the child away from the sun, fresh air and the total nature. Be it an infant, toddler or a school-goer most of the moms engage them indoors. It’s good to give them a clean atmosphere but not to deprive them of what nature has given. Some mindful questions to ask are:

  • One fine day when they go out in the dust, won’t they catch flu as they are not immune to such conditions?
  • Leave the case of vitamin D. Wont the children get sunburns as they are new to the sunlight.
  • Will they ever adapt to the noise and pollution ?
  • How will they connect and conserve the nature ?

Our little ones need outdoor activities to mend with the nature. The earlier they get exposed to the atmosphere, better is their immune system.

In the study conducted by University College of Delhi it’s found that 50% of the infant’s in India are vitamin D deficient. The doctors have found that exposing 40% of the body parts in the sun; 30 minutes per week can keep the infants sufficient level of vitamin D.

The morning sun is not too harsh. Take your babies for a stroll in the nearby parks. Infants are attracted by the green colour; not to mention the startled eyes seeing the moving trees and leaves. We don’t need pictures to teach them. Rather teach them with the colourful atmosphere.

Let the birds chirping stimulate the perception sensory. Let your babies embrace the nature. Let them explore. They will learn and live in appreciation of nature in the due course of growing up.

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