Concern of Preschoolers’ Parents: Education for Beginners During Covid-19

Concern of Preschoolers' Parents: Education for Beginners During Covid-19

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This recent “new normal” world sways in juxtapose; hope and hopelessness seem inseparable and, somehow, humans tend to hold on to hope no matter how bleak immediate relief is.

It has been more than three months since remote learning for kids has begun and it’s uncertain till when it will continue. Parents around the world are in split—some talk about how sceptical they are to send their children back to school and others have put a brave face and prepare their children for unprecedented aberrant school life or new career path. The parents who vouched for #noscreentime are ought to expose them to phones/laptops/ i-pads/tabs. However, my area of concern is about the future generation which was supposed to begin their journey; preschoolers who were to begin their nursery sessions in 2020. I became a homeschooling parent overnight as I have started preparing for my son’s first-ever #firstdayatschool from Jan-2020 and I, like you all was stranded due to the Corona- outbreak. I keep on tapping news related to Online-Schooling and wondered if the model could be replicated for nursery? As preschoolers are not exactly the kind of age group you expect to sit and attend classes. I read about the despair faced by classroom assistants from such nurseries, as their job is almost redundant at present and what not!

Ever since I pulled my sleeves and got on the mission of #studyathome with my motto of #learnbyfun it has not been a joy ride as other mom bloggers project it to be. More than ever, I gained the utmost respect for teachers (It needs an enormous amount of patience and practice to teach young kids). I was so determined to send my son to school, not because it’s the law of life, but I wanted him to be groomed in social skills that are so imperative for a healthy childhood. My son is a happy child and the best part is, my husband and I are his world. He just had two friends whom he hasn’t met in the last five months at least and he doesn’t miss playing outdoors with other children- it concerns me! Because he knows not the joy of making friends yet, playing with unknown kids, sharing toys and stories, even fighting and standing up for himself when he’s right (as conflicts and confrontations are important aspects of growing up). I know sooner or later, things will become fine.

I would be hesitant to enrol my son to a school because by the time schools will re-open, he would rightly be the age to enrol to junior KG or FS1 but he might not be as prepared to attend a school as he was already studying at home with his parents (that’s just a perception of an overly concerned mother). Many schools will also soon start showcasing their preparedness against Covid-19. Parents like me will also reluctantly accept that we will have to learn to live this way until a vaccine is invented. As much as I do not wish to let my son miss out on his formative years, I have full faith in the Government and feel it knows the best that if the schools are reopened and new admissions will happen, they will follow the guidelines: To take care of the children and be able to keep the #socialdistancing in place for children as young as four years old so that no undue harm comes their way. I will follow the norm only if my motherly instincts let me.

Till then, I, like all parents out there, will still hang in there, teaching my son about the importance of studies, social distancing and personal hygiene, praying for the goodwill of teachers, trying not to lose my sanity and that whenever there’s a different type of “School Chalein Hum” (let’s go to school) drive comes to play we are prepared more than ever to let go off our children to their favourite place and live their “NORMAL CHILDHOOD” in their “New Normal Schools”.

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