Hot Summer and Cool Butter Milk

Summer is one of the most challenging seasons to endure. You’ll be seeking a refreshing drink to help you beat the summer heat. Along with us, our children are suffering from the oppressive heat. Summer has arrived, and our children have decided to embark on a hunger strike. They attempt to persuade us that air is nourishment for them. They sometimes stop drinking water as well.

Summers dry our children and us; therefore, we need to be prepared with solutions to keep us hydrated and lively. A glass of buttermilk might help us feel more energised while also keeping us hydrated. Buttermilk is nutrient-dense. Calcium, Vitamin D, and other minerals are present. If your child dislikes milk, a glass of buttermilk will ensure that they get enough nutrients.
Butter milk is good for our digestive system. It aids digestion and is a good and efficient cure for loose motions. It helps replenish the nutrients and water loss that occurs due to an upset stomach.
Few other benefits of buttermilk are as follows:
  • It prevents acidity. 
  • Butter milk keeps our body cool in summers
  • Butter milk is chemical-free and is the best alternative for aerated drinks.  
  • If we prepare butter milk from freshly set yogurt then this will never cause any cold or cough to our little ones. 
  • Even in summers when Butter milk is served it should be served at room temperature. Serving it chilled may cause cough or cold in kids.
  • It’s always better if Butter milk is given to the kids during day time between 11 AM to 4 PM.
Few Nutritional benefits of buttermilk are as follows.
Calcium – Essential for strong bones and teeth.
Vitamin D – helps the body absorb calcium
Protein – required for growth
Vitamin B12 – converts the glucose present in the blood to energy
Happy Drinking
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