5 Things a New Mother Should Own

5 Things a New Mother Should Own
If you are reading this, congratulations, as I am guessing that you must be a new mother. Becoming a mother for the first time can be an overwhelming experience. You will be happy but you will also be nervous at the same time. A new mother’s life changes completely and it can take a while for her to settle in the new role. But there are certain things that can make your life easier. Read on to know about the five essential things that will make your life a little easier as a new mother.

1. Nipple Shield

As a new mother, the very first challenge you will face is getting your child to latch on your breast as the nipples won’t be fully ready to start nursing. One thing that comes as a rescue during these tough times is a nipple shield. Using the same helps in ensuring that you breastfeed your baby right from day one and. Use a nipple shield which is easy to use. However, remember that nipple shields should be used for a short while and only if you face any latching issues else your baby might get used to the silicone nipple.

2. Nursing Pads/Nursing Bras

As a new mother, you will experience milk leakage from the breast. Breast milk supply works on demand and supply, but it takes a little while for that pattern to set in. It could get quite messy if you don’t use a nursing pad or nursing bra, which will help you in soaking up excess milk which leaks from your breast. There is a whole range of nursing pads and bras available online and you can opt for the one that fits your requirement.

3. Nursing Gowns

Nursing gowns either have zip or button closures in the front, which enable you to easily feed whenever required. Nursing gowns are a must-have to ensure that your breastfeeding experience is smooth and comfortable.

4. Electric Breast Pump

Initial few months of motherhood will require you to be always around your baby if you choose to exclusively breastfeed your child. In such instances, it becomes difficult for a new mother to step out and visit the doctor, especially if you are unwell and want a little rest. The breast pump comes in handy and ensures that you get little rest whenever you need. Electric breast pumps are much easier and less painful to use than a manual one.

5. Lavender Oil

As a new mother, the biggest challenge I faced was insomnia. As a newborn baby feeds every 2-3 hours, it could get difficult to adjust in the initial few months after delivery. The erratic sleep schedules of your newborn could affect your sleep pattern and make it difficult for you to fall asleep. So instead of opting for medicines, opt for a natural product like lavender oil. Spray the lavender oil on the pillow. The fragrance of this oil will help in relaxing the mind and make you sleep better.

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