Simmba and Mumma: The Beautiful Journey of My Sweet Little Boy

Simmba and Mumma: The Beautiful Journey of My Sweet Little Boy

This journey begins in February 2017, when my husband and I were knotted with each other. We enjoyed together and loved each other a lot, and had a lot of fun. My partner is like a blessing to me. And, after one year, our family started suggesting that we begin planning for a baby. So, after a few months, we started to, as we were settled enough, and we thought we should go for it.

I was dealing with PCOS. After my treatment, I got pregnant, and because of God’s grace, I didn’t have any problems during the entire 9 months of pregnancy. However, that was not the case with my delivery. I started with labour, but later, the doctor told me that the baby’s heart rate is falling, and I actually saw it; it was 56 – 75. Both my spouse and I were both very tensed. The doctor said that maybe a cord is stuck somewhere, that’s why he is not getting enough oxygen. So, we were advised to have a C-section, and within a couple of minutes, we decided to go for it. And then, finally, God blessed me with my little boy. I gave him a name that means “God’s grace”.

I always wished that if I have a baby boy, I will call him “Simmba”, as my favourite character is Simmba, and he is king. I want my baby to live his life like a king.

Now, my baby is 2 months old. He laughs, and he cries. It feels awesome! If anything hurts him, I get hurt, too. Everything is simply amazing. Buying new clothes and every other need that he has is way too fun! It means a lot to me. I thank God for showing me this day. Each and every moment with Simmba is so special that I can’t even write it in a whole story. (Seriously, men – it’s so special to be a mum!)

I never, ever, thought that I would bond with someone like this, especially with a person I never met or saw when he was in my stomach; I just felt him, and now, after his birth, he is everything to me.

I will always pray God to help me in every way, such that whenever my baby needs something, I will have the potential to fulfill that need at that time. I wish that every good thing of mine goes into his hands, and every bad patch of life destined for him, comes to me instead.

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