A Page From the Diary of a Mother

It’s 12 am; the house is silent, and the darkness is looming in the rooms. The family is in deep slumber, their heads in cosy cushioned pillows. But, one room in the house seems to be bustling with noise, some cries, some laughter, some shouts.

Wondering what it is? Well, it’s the room of a mother and her toddler who are trying to go to bed after a long, long day. The mother, who is some sort of a superwoman, seems to be working like a robot 24×7. The toddler seems charged all day and night. The mother tried everything she could; breastfeeding, lullabies, singing songs, playing music, toys, but nothing seems to make the toddler sleep.

After random tricks, when the mother thought the baby would now sleep, a smell came to her. Was it a wet diaper? You bet! Again, the mother moves to her cupboard and does her job before putting the baby to sleep.  It’s now late into the night, the toddler and the mother are off to sleep. Suddenly, there is a cry, and again, the superwoman is up, breastfeeding her baby! The night passes off in a similar sequence thereafter.

Morning time means chores and juggling of several tasks. The toddler is up waiting for breakfast and other activities. He seems to be naughtier day by day. The mother has her breakfast hurriedly and then moves on to changing diapers, giving drops, running after the toddler as he moves around the entire house. After a lot of the hustle and bustle, breakfast is fed to the baby.

Maintaining the decorum of the house, the mother, oops the superwoman is seen massaging the baby. Mind you; it is not a simple task; the baby tries to run away during this process too! She then heads to the bathroom, where another challenge awaits, i.e. to bathe the baby. Some songs are heard, some cries and laughs and minutes later, the toddler is dressed and ready for a short nap!

Naptime means work time for the mommy. She does everything pending in the kitchen, the bedroom, cooks food, does some cleaning, and then gets done with her prayer schedule. The superwoman is expected to complete all this in a short time with perfection.
Just when she feels, she is done with the chores, it’s lunchtime. The toddler is up and crying for her. The woman runs to him, forgetting about the half-eaten food lying in her plate!

There is silence in the house; it’s afternoon nap time. The mother and toddler are still playing and eating lunch. At the time, when the mother decides to rest, it’s already half past four. Some more chores are waiting to be completed. With her toddler in one hand, she resumes her unfinished work. She has forgotten to comb her hair or look into the mirror the entire day. Then, it’s snack time for the toddler. Both the mother and the toddler eat together; mother just gulps down her food, while the baby seems to enjoy small bites of food.

After the snacks, the superwoman prepares for dinner. The diaper-changing process puts a break for a few minutes. It’s dinner time for the family. The toddler is pulling plates and glasses, making it difficult for everyone to eat together. So, the mommy decides to eat separately after the family finishes. The mother has now eaten her food, and is preparing the baby’s dinner; it’s 9:30 pm now. By the time the baby is done with it, it’s past 10 pm. Making the baby’s bed, and winding up other things continues up until 11 pm. Both the mother and the toddler are in the nightsuit now, waiting for the right time to sleep, which seems far away still! It’s 12 am again, the darkness is looming in the other rooms.

Well, this is just a single page from the diary of a mother. I’m sure it’s relatable to all the mother’s out there. We are all superwomen without the cape quite literally. These powers are God-gifted, I guess, and only women possess them.

Its time to wrap up the diary for the day.

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I hope to share other pages with you all soon! Until then, happy parenting! See you on the other side soon!

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