Covid-19 Coronavirus and Our Attitude Towards It

Covid-19 Coronavirus and Our Attitude Towards It

In December 2019, we heard the news of something spreading like a wildfire in China…reaching every human breathing around. It was something called the coronavirus. And many of us, including me, treated it as either a piece of fake news or just a piece of news, thinking why should I bother with something that was happening in China.

Then one day someone travelled from China to the US and thereafter to other countries. And few Indians also travelled to China and infected countries or places and this is how COVID-19 coronavirus arrived in India.

How it started in China, how it spreads, and several other things about this virus are unknown to us and we need answers to a lot many things. COVID-19 has resulted in a financial, medical and most important human loss. Initially, when the lockdown happened, for months, people had no income. They fed on their savings and many starved those who never earned anything to save. People from lower-income groups earned hand-to-mouth money and were dependent majorly on daily or monthly earnings that too were too little for them to manage their livelihoods. They were purely shattered. Maids had to stop going to work and people avoided contact with them.

The poor became poorer and many of the middle-class people struggled. The definition of the poverty line disturbed rapidly. So the year passed with coronavirus in our lives. People couldn’t
celebrate well due to fear. Marriage functions and parties were organised but with restrictions.

In January 2021, we started observing a downward trend in the number of cases. Although the coronavirus did not go completely, there was relaxation and we forgot to take precautions. Kids went to the playground, schools re-opened, and the vaccination drive began too.

Everything was running smooth and as expected, but a new strain of coronavirus came in the second wave which was…and is more dreadful from the previous one.

Again, we fell into the trap of infections, cough, cold, low oxygen levels, loss of taste and smell, and several other symptoms. Today, while writing this, I hear the news that the number of people who got infected in a single day is almost 3 lakhs in a single day and the death rate is high too!

While the situation is worsening, what’s more, bothersome is how we as a society are reacting to this pandemic. Our attitude towards the deadly Coronavirus has become lenient. I have seen people roaming around without masks on their faces. That’s no less than a sin in these times. I request everyone to wear a mask when going to public places or when going out. While I agree it is hard to wear a mask all the time, but it would be better than having an oxygen mask on your face.

People are taking things casually now, but they shouldn’t. I urge everyone to be more attentive and cautious while reaching out to others. If you notice that someone is not well, you must ask them to isolate themselves.

The most important thing that we need to take care of is not to step outside the house unless it’s an emergency. You can’t skip going to work if that’s necessary, but you can follow social distancing norms at work. You must also keep basic things like a thermometer, oximeter, and other basic medicines at home. Along with that, drinking hot or warm water, having a balanced diet, and exercising is a must.

Lastly, you must accept what’s happening inside your body. If we take an infection or issue like a sore throat, fever, or body pain lightly, and it’s due to the COVID-19 virus, we might spread it to everyone around.

Don’t wait for your symptoms to develop to get tested. Take precautions and don’t ignore any symptoms in the name of seasonal allergy.

If you experience COVID-19 symptoms and let your friends and family know about it, they will help you. And if you’re tested positive, then follow the isolation rules strictly and trust the people who are outside your door. They are there to support you. Do not fear what others might think. Trust me, if you inform the people around you, be it your friends, maids, or someone in your neighbourhood, they will
take care of your needs over a phone call.

The pandemic has shown us that humans are there for each other! It’s my heartfelt request to everyone to be cautious and alert.

Stay indoors. Our approach towards the coronavirus will change the daily number of cases. Play with kids indoors. Let’s help the world to break the chain and win this fight against the Coronavirus. I wish for the world to heal soon.

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