70 Popular Czech Names for Boys and Girls

Popular Czech Names for Boys and Girls

Naming kids is a serious task. And before naming your kid, you must check out all the cool names to choose one that will add to your kid’s personality. In this article, we enlist 70 Czech names for boys and girls which are sweet, pronounceable, and meaningful. Read till the end to not miss any cool names!

35 Famous Czech Boys Names for Boys With Meanings

Here are some popular Czech names for boys:

1. Martin

Martin is one of the Czech male names which is derived from the God of war or Mars.

2. Michal

Michal is a masculine name with divine meaning. It means “God-like”.

3. Jacob

Jacob is a masculine name and its meaning is “to follow” or “supplanter”.

4. Ondra

Ondra is a popular name that means “manly”.

5. Tomas

Tomas means “twin”.

6. Daniel

Daniel is quite a popular name. It means “God is my judge”.

7. Marek

Marek is a male name and its meaning is “warlike”.

8. Jan

This popular male name means “God is gracious”.

9. Pavel

The name has a Russian origin, and it means “small”.

10. Patrick

Patrick is a common male name. It means “the one who is Nobel” or “a ruler”.

11. Lucas

Lucas has a Latin origin and is one of the most famous masculine names. It means “light”.

12. Karel

Karel is a masculine name; it means “a free man”.

13. Dominick

Dominick is a masculine name that means “God is a master” or “the one belonging to God”.

14. Henry

Henry means “the ruler of the homeland”.

15. Filip

Filip means “friends of horses”.

16. Mathew

The name means “a gift from the almighty”.

17. Honza

Honza is another sweet baby boy name that means “gift from God”.

18. Michael

Michael means “Godlike”.

19. Radek

The name means “the one who is happy”.

20. David

David has an Israeli origin, and it means “the one who is beloved”.

21. Joseph

Joseph means “the almighty will add”.

22. Lukas

Lukas is derived from Lucanus, a place in Southern Italy. It means “someone from Lucanas”.

23. Bohdan

The meaning of this name is “God’s gift”.

24. Evzen

The name means “well-born” or “being noble”.

25. Richard

The name means “rich” and “strong”.

26. Samuel

Samuel is a masculine name that means “something that is told by God”.

27. Jirka

Jirka means “a farmer”.

28. Ales

Ales means “defender of men”.

29. Kuba

This name is a variation to the name Jacob. It means “supplanter”.

30. Chris

Chris means “the one who is a Christ-bearer” or “son of God”.

31. Peter

Peter means “stone” or “rock”.

32. Alex

The name means “warrior” or “defender”.

33. Vojtech

The name has two components, voj, meaning “troops” or “war” and těch, meaning “consolator” or “rejoicing man”.

34. Eduard

This name means “guardian of property” or “wealth protector”.

35. John

John means “God is gracious”.

35 Famous Czech Baby Names for Girls With Meanings

Your baby girl is your world and deserves a beautiful name that is meaningful. Here is a list of a few Czech female names you can choose from:

1. Teresa

Teresa is one of the most popular Czech names. It stands for the act of harvesting.

2. Veronica

Veronica is a popular Czech name, and it means “the one who brings victory” or “true image”.

3. Michaela

Michaela means “someone who is like God”.

4. Anna

This is one of the most common Czech names for females. It means “graceful”, “beautiful” or “grace”.

5. Adela

Adela means “noble” for “serene”.

6. Klara

Klara is one of the first Czech names for females. It means “bright”, “clear”, or “shining”.

7. Jana

This name has its origins in both Christian and Islamic concepts of the good man’s Paradise. It means “God’s gift”.

8. Martina

Martina is the servant of the God of war known as Mars.

9. Petra

This name is the feminine form of the name Peter. It means “stone” or “rock”.

10. Eliska

If you want to assign a divine name to your baby, then this is the one! It means “pledge to God”.

11. Lucie

Lucie is a cute girl name that has Latin origins. It means “a bright source of light”.

12. Karolina

Karolina is one of the most popular baby girl names for parents who want to assign a Czech name to their daughter. The name means “womanly”.

13. Marketa

The name means “Pearl”. The name has a Persian origin.

14. Christina

Christina is a powerful name for a baby girl. It means “follower of Jesus Christ”.

15. Katrina

Katrina is a divine word that has become popular as a name for girls. It means “pure”.

16. Eva

Eva is a chirpy and lively name for a girl to have. It means “life” or “the one who is living”.

17. Hana

The name means “flower” in Czech.

18. Dominika

This is a popular female name. It means “belonging to the Almighty”.

19. Marie

Marie is a feminine name of French and Latin origins. The name means “the start of the sea” or “beautiful”.

20. Andrea

Andrea is a girl name with a unique pronunciation AN-Dree-ə. The meaning of the name is “daring”.

21. Denisa

Denisa is the feminine form of the name Denise. It means “dedicated to God”.

22. Bara

Bara is a variant of Barbara. It means “foreign woman”.

23. Julie

Julie is a popular Czech name. It refers to beautiful flowers like the rose.

24. Gabriela

Gabriela means “warrior of God”.

25. Monika

The name means “advisor” or “unique”.

26. Lenka

Lenka means “light”.

27. Sara

Sara is a popular Czech name given to baby girls. It means “a lady” or “a substantial noblewoman”.

28. Natalie

Natalie is a popular Czech name for girls. It refers to the birthday of Christ.

29. Zuzana

Zuzana is a beautiful Czech name for girls. It means “little lily”.

30. Nikol

The name means “people’s triumph”.

31. Aneta

Aneta is a widely found name for females. In Czech, it means “pure grace”.

32. Pavlina

This unique name means “small”.

33. Kate

Kate is another form of the name Kathryn. It means “pure” or “serene”.

34. Simona

Simona means “God has heard”.

35. Jitka

The name means “to be praised by someone”.

These names for boys and girls are popular among new parents who want to give a meaningful Czech name to their baby. We hope you find the best name for your little one!

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