Common Feelings of a Working Mother and How to Deal With It

Common Feelings of a Working Mother and How to Deal With It

When I first thought of writing a story about my motherhood then the first thing that came up in my mind is about the feelings of a working mother. The feelings and fear of leaving your child behind and staying away for all day long.

I still remember the day when I first left my son with his grandparents when he was just six months old. I knew that I am very fortunate that he is in safer hands but still the anxiety of being away from your child for the first time is always there. I left home with mixed emotions and thoughts in my mind and kept thinking about him. Would he be able to adjust with them? Would he search for me? Would he be able to sleep without searching for my milk? He might be thinking that I am a selfish mom who left him just for money? Well, this never-ending list of thoughts continued in my mind.

He is now 4. The grudge is not there now. Because I have learnt that a mother will always be a mother. The love for her child can never be hampered by any circumstances. Be it working or a housemaker. We both have the same feelings. In spite of all these thoughts, I have always kept myself constructive and motivated. I always feel proud that I can now manage home and work-life
balance in a good manner. These thoughts never hinder my work.

My message to every working mother is to never feel guilty at any point in time. There are always some lows and highs. Keep yourself motivated and give your child a quality life with values. Teach him about the importance of elders and money. I also remember the lines said by Kareena Kapoor when asked about Taimur, “It’s not about the quantity of time but the quality of time you give to your child”. This is so true, and I believe in this thought.

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