Top 10 Best Baby Car Seats in India of 2022

10 Best Baby Car Seats

Travelling with your baby by car can be stressful, especially, if it’s a long journey, but if you have the right gear, you can be assured that your little one will be comfortable. Your baby’s safety is your topmost priority when travelling by car (and otherwise too), and if it’s your first road trip with him, you must be considering buying a baby car seat. Strapping your little one into his car seat will ensure that he has a safe and comfy ride. But when it’s about your precious munchkin, you want the best of best. So we bring you a list of ten best baby car seats to help you pick the best one for your baby!

List of Top 10 Car Seats in India

Baby car seats are safety seats specifically designed to shield kids from injury in case of an accident. Some cars may have preinstalled child seats. But in most cases, these seats need to be purchased and then installed by customers. There are enough and more options available to parents today. You must consider your baby’s age, height, and weight before buying a car seat for him. Take a look at some of the best options in baby car seats!

1. Babyhug Cruise Convertible Reclining Car Seat With Side Impact Protection

This convertible car seat for children between the ages of 0 and 4 years is highly comfortable. It comes with a soft padded seat, which will make long road journeys comfortable for your baby.

Product Description

This easy-to-install car seat has soft body cushions which offer extra comfort to a baby. This car seat by Babyhug has a five-point safety harness and a front-adjust harness, which will enable you to get your baby in and out of the car seat easily. A five-point safety harness also helps protect the baby from jerks. It has a 3-level harness for adjusting the height. This car seat can be reclined to 3 levels as per the age and comfort of the baby. It is crash tested and meets European safety standards. This car seat is easy to carry and the soft padded seat and side-impact protection with softly padded wings help your baby relax and have a comfortable ride.

2. R for Rabbit Jack N Jill Grand Convertible Baby Car Seat

This car seat by R for Rabbit can be used for babies and toddlers. It is easy to install and very comfortable for a baby. This convertible car seat grows with your baby.

Product Description

This car seat has an innovative design and meets European safety standards. It comes with soft padded wings for side impact protection. Your baby’s head, hips, and legs will be properly secured and he will have a comfortable ride. This car seat by R for Rabbit comes with a five-point harness and front-adjust harness which will keep your baby safe and enable you to get your baby in and out of the seat easily. This convertible car seat comes with a 3-position recline which can be adjusted as per your baby’s age and comfort. The best part? You can use this car seat for your little one as he grows. Yes, this car seat can be used for children between 0-7 years of age.

3. Babyhug Amber Car Seat Cum Carry Cot With Rocking Base

This car seat by Babyhug looks cute and attractive and meets the safety standards. It’s a 3-in-1 car seat: you can use it as a car seat (of course!), a carrycot, and a rocker.

Product Description

This easy-to-carry car seat is crash tested and meets the safety standards. It includes side-impact protection which provides added comfort and support to newborns. It also comes with a canopy which can be attached or detached. The canopy will protect your baby from the heat, especially in summers. This car seat cum carrycot comes with a five-point harness and front-adjust harness which will help you get your baby in and out of the car seat easily. This Babyhug car seat also has a 3-level height adjustment—you can adjust the height of the seat as per your baby’s height and comfort. The handle of the seat can be adjusted for carrying, rocking and keeping it stable. It also has a rocking base which will help your little one relax which you rock him.

4. Chicco Keyfit 2011 Rear Facing Car Seat

Chicco Keyfit car seat has an attractive design and innovative elements and is very soft and comfortable for babies.

Product Description

This car seat with a rocking function is made of high-quality and durable material. This car seat has a five-point safety harness and one-pull feature and must be installed in a rear-facing position. This car seat can be used for babies between 0 and 18 months of age. It’s a very comfy car seat, with a soft and non-slip handle.  Your baby won’t mind being strapped in this car seat while you go on a road trip with him!

5. R for Rabbit Picaboo Infant Car Seat Cum Carry Cot

This car seat, which can also be used as a carrycot, has met the most stringent safety standards.

Product Description

Lightweight and adorably designed, this seat has side impact protection owing to deep and delicately padded side wings that ensure a safe ride for your baby. This all-in-one baby car seat offers amazing adaptability due to its adjustable handle, which enables you to turn it into a feeding chair, rocker, and carrycot. It has an inbuilt canopy which can help defend your baby from harsh sunlight.

6. Babyhug Safe Journey Forward Facing Car Seat

This forward-facing car seat can be converted into a booster seat and is very comfortable.

Product Description

This car seat is available in three groups. The group 1 car seat is suitable for toddlers weighing between 9 and 13 kgs. Group 1 baby car seat is forward-facing and has belts attached in the forward position to keep the baby secure. This car seat has a five-point safety harness which will keep your child secured on the seat. It has soft padding and multilayer adjustable headrest which will provide comfort to your child during the ride. This car can seat can be used over the years. The Group 2 baby car seat is for kids between 4 and 6 years of age (weighing between 15-25 kgs), as the safety harness is removed then. For children between 6-12 years of age, this car seat can be converted and used as a booster seat.

7. Graco SnugRide SnugLock 30 Click Connect Technology Car Seat

This car seat is very comfortable and easy-to-carry. It has a comfy headrest and your baby won’t mind long journeys sitting on this car seat.

Product Description

This lightweight and easy-to-carry car seat is everything that new parents can ask for in a car seat. This car seat has a lock feature and can be installed in just 3 steps. It has an adjustable base with 4-recline positions and offers a customized fit to any vehicle. It comes with an adjustable (rotatable) canopy to keep the baby protected from the harsh sun rays. The car seat has removable and washable cushions which offer head support and body support to newborns.

8. R for Rabbit Jumping Jack The Growing Baby Forward Facing Car Seat

This top-rated toddler car seat has been crash-tested and engineered to meet European safety standards.

Product Description

This car seat is perfect for children between 15 months of age and 12 years of age. With belts attached in a forward position, this car seat can be used for children between 15 months and 5 years of age. You can even remove the harness for making it comfortable for 4 to 6 years old kids. For older kids of 6 years and above, it can be used as a booster seat with a seat belt. It has a modifiable headrest which allows you to adjust it as per the height of your baby. This car seat has padded wings which will provide ultimate protection to your baby and the five-point safety harness will keep him secured on the seat, making the ride comfortable for you and your baby.

9. Babyhug High Raise Car Booster Seat

This car booster seat by Babyhug has a simple design. Plus it is easy-to-install and is affordable. If you are looking for economical options, then you may like this car booster seat!

Product Description

The compact design of this lightweight Design car seat makes it easy-to-move around and install in any vehicle. This compact car booster seat has been crash tested and meets the safety standards. This backless car seat fits securely in a car and elevates the height so that you can strap your child on the seat with the car’s seat belt. The extra padding makes the seat comfortable and due to its simple design, the cover and seat pad can be removed easily and machine washed!

10. R for Rabbit Picaboo Grand Infant Car Seat with Base

This lightweight car seat with side impact protection will offer maximum comfort to your baby and will keep him safe and secure on the journey.

Product Description

This car seat is easy-to-carry and very comfortable for the baby. It has a three-point safety belt which can be adjusted as per a child’s height and comfort. This car seat has multiple handle positions: it can be used as a car seat or a carrycot. The inbuilt canopy feature offers maximum protection to a baby from the sunlight. It also comes with a removable cover which can be washed and cleaned often.

Baby Car Seat FAQs

Some frequently asked questions about car seats are:

1. How do I choose an infant car seat?

The numerous options available can be confusing. You can opt for an infant car seat if your baby is less than a year old. After your baby grows older, you can consider buying a convertible car seat. Once he outgrows that, you can go in for a booster seat which may last up until he’s 7 years of age or so. Alternatively, you can also purchase a travel system that comprises of an infant car seat which can also connect with a stroller, allowing you greater mobility with your infant.

2. Is it alright if I let my baby sleep in his car seat?

It may be okay to let your baby sleep in car seats while you are travelling as long as he is comfortable in it. Car seats are designed to keep toddlers safe when you are on the go. Make sure you select a good quality car seat which offers your baby optimum safety and comfort.

3. How long can my baby use an infant car seat?

Your baby can comfortably use an infant car seat up until he turns a year old. Subsequently, depending on his weight and height, you may have to look for other possibilities.

4. Do I need a base for my child’s car seat?

You may need a base for your child’s car seat. The magical element that makes kids’ car seats so appropriate is the base. It gets installed in the car for the long term while the seat may keep changing according to the requirements of your growing baby.

5. Do all car seats fit in all cars?

No, all car seats may not fit in all cars. There can be problems relating to long seat belts (which can lead to a buckle crunch) or floor storage boxes which make the support leg insecure.

6. Does a car seat have an expiration date?

Most infant car seats may last for about 5 to 10 years. However, the expiration dates of various car seats usually differ depending upon the manufacturer.

Baby car seats are adapted to be safe and comfortable for an infant. Nonetheless, you must make sure that it ticks all the necessary boxes of safety parameters before picking one for your baby.

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