First 40 Days of Postnatal Care for Healthy and Blissful Motherhood

The first 40 days after childbirth are the most important days for a woman. Both my deliveries were by C-section. At the time of my first child, I was not aware about the care that needs to be taken, and therefore I faced a difficult time.I faced cysts, heavy and painful periods, hormonal imbalance, severe pain in body, and more, even after eating harira and taking calcium and iron supplements.

Last year, I gave birth to my second baby. This time, I was aware, as I did a lot of research on postnatal care, and I consulted an ayurvedic doctor, too. I was prepared to take proper steps, and so my recovery was fast.

Following are the things I did:

  • I ate moong dal and chapatis with lemon for one month. I ate boiled eggs for wound healing. After 1 month, I started eating green vegetables cooked in light spices.
  • I took calcium supplements and iron supplements.

Now come the best things I did that saved me from all the horrible things I faced earlier:

  • I drank 2 to 3 litres of lukewarm water every day.
  • I prepared a herbal powder prescribed by an ayurvedic doctor, which I consumed daily after 10 days of delivery. This powder had turmeric (whole), dry ginger powder, nigella seeds, cumin, flaxseed, and methi. My periods were so easy and without pain. This powder helped me with weight loss, too.
  • I prepared an asthiposhak laddoo. This laddoo strengthened me, and reduced pain in my body.
  • I prepared another herbal powder that had shatavari, Halim, beej, etc. Halim and shatavari are very good for increasing breast milk, and have many other benefits as well.
  • I consumed ajwain water, too.
  • I didn’t climb stairs for 6 months. Only if it was very important I would go upstairs, and that also I did after 2 months had passed after delivery.
  • I did no heavy exercise. I took small walks.
  • I tied a C-section belt almost for 5 months.
  • I never sat on the bed without back support whenever I used to breastfeed my baby. I avoided pressure on my stitches by doing so.
  • I massaged my body with organic sesame oil after 10 days of delivery. I avoided my abdominal area.

I stayed positive and meditated, too. I focused on my thoughts, and stayed away from stress. And thus, I recovered, by the blessing and guidance of God. My baby girl is healthy and active, and so is her mommy.

I hope this can be a light for those who don’t know what precautions to take after delivery. Take care, and happy motherhood.

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