The Great Indian Moms Behavior During Exams in Humorous Way

The Great Indian Moms Behavior During Exams in Humorous Way

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The term “exam” conjures up images of goosebumps and transforms a calm environment into one of chaos. It alters the mind and transforms your relaxed demeanour into a freaking ‘Don.’ The changes indicated are not for the person administering the exam, but for his mother “, The Great Indian Mother.”

As soon as the exam portion and schedule were shared, all the mothers swarm like bees, arguing the lengthy syllabus and showing their sympathy for their children. However, when parents confront their child, the same “poor small child” transforms into a “genius child.” Start with pampering, then tempting with gifts, and if that doesn’t work, move on to emotional theatre. After all, Indian moms are super cute in this.

Some of the funny, dramatic examples are as follows:

Child: “Mama, I have done my studies.”
Mother: “Okay, tell me the spelling of encyclopedia?”
Child: “Ancycl…… ..Encyclo….wait..wait…I am thinking.”
The mother gazes with big eyes. That’s enough for the child to understand what is coming next!

Mother: “Child, eat this almond and drink milk. Your exams are close.”
Child: “I wish you give little nutrition to my eyes too. Who demands to see his favourite channel.”
Mother: “Once your exams are over, Television is all yours!

Mother: “Why can’t you remember the names of capitals??”
Child: “Mama, there are so many states and capitals to remember.” 
Mother: “Which city does your favourite cartoon live in?
Child: “FurFurinagar.”
Mother: “Well done!” 

Mother after exams: “How was your paper?”
Child: “Mama, it was great!”
Mother: “Wow! What’s the question asked??”
Child: “Mama, I forgot, but I remember the paper had ten questions.”

Have we ever wondered why Indian mothers are so concerned about their children’s exams? Their success becomes hers because they are so invested in the child’s development. They place a greater emphasis on the child’s improvement than on hers. Many women quit their jobs to devote more time to their children. Isn’t this a selfless act of love?

Love to all crazy yet sweet moms!

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