How Yoga and Writing Down 10 Positive Things Every Day Changed My Life

How Yoga and Writing Down 10 Positive Things Every Day Changed My Life
“Are you sure?” he asked me lovingly. I looked at the love of my life and smiled for no reason. “Yes, this is what I had been looking for my whole life.” I replied. That’s how my yoga journey began.
A new world was waiting for me – this world was going to bring happiness in my life. I had to learn the things when I started with the 7-day yoga camp. Waking up early every day and attending the yoga class from 7 in the morning was extremely refreshing. Every day we had to write and submit ten positive things that happened with us the previous day before lunch. It sounds simple, right? But it was not easy. Nevertheless, I started writing. It was fun writing each and everything on a sheet of paper and drawing some smiley faces on it. I carried my new water bottle to the yoga class; I met new people; I ate tasty food.” Then one fine day, I realised that I had so many positive things in and around me. I just wanted to write so many positive things that writing merely ten points seemed so less. I thank God for all the positive things. Writing these positive things helped me look at life in a different way and inspired me to be more positive.
I still write ten positive points every day before going to bed. Of course, sometimes I skip writing, but that doesn’t matter. This new year I purchased a cute little diary to write all the positive points. From writing on a small sheet of paper, I’m writing on a diary. Isn’t it great? My life is full of positive things now.
To all of you out there, if you feel blue on some days or if you depressed, then ask yourself this question “Do I love myself?” If yes, then it’s time to reflect and change your lifestyle. It’s time to help yourself and to love your life. Think about your own life and come out of the sadness that is preventing you from being happy. You’re here because you love your life and you are the only person who can change everything for the good. So, take the first step. Be strong and start smiling. Start living a new life. A new life full of happiness is waiting for you. Just be positive and keep smiling. And don’t forget to write 10 positive points every day before going to bed.
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