"Plus" Rain - A Beautiful Story of Mother-Daughter Bonding

“Plus” Rain – A Beautiful Story of Mother-Daughter Bonding

It was a cool blue evening sky, slowly turning darker, my little one and I were out on the porch with her very first magic painting book open. After the scorching summer, came in the first drizzle, carrying the lovely fragrance of the earthy soil.

We moved closer to the steps, transfixed on the beautiful sight in the front. My daughter no longer resisted and pulled me into the rain; any other day, I would have chosen to stay back and also not let her into the rain. But now, I wanted to let go of my motherly urges of discipline and duties, and just step into the rain with my daughter. Yes, we might catch a cold, get the clothes muddy and wouldn’t be easy to remove the stains, but we would have made the most beautiful bond.

We had a lovely time filling our umbrella with water till the brim, made small paper boats and saw them sail one by one, scaring away croaking frogs.

Once the rains had stopped, we realised we were drenched and shivering but had a wide smile on our faces. We had a wonderful time. It was like my daughter had given me an opportunity to travel back to my own childhood days.

The rains had come to a stop, the dark sky clearing to let in the sun’s rays. My little one cuddled up in a towel in my lap while I dried her hair. We waited and watched for a beautiful rainbow to appear anytime soon, but we didn’t spot any. My daughter kept waiting till the dark night set in, and she finally came home.

I sat beside her and gave her the magic painting book and a wet paintbrush and told her she had the magic of the beautiful, colourful rainbow in her own hands and asked her to stop waiting and try it on her book. She enjoyed how her painting came to life. I pinned the painting with my own sketch of that day’s fun on my refrigerator – a memory to remember.  All thanks to a normal day “Plus” rain.

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