Pregnancy : Now its Time to Love Yourself for Your Baby's Health

Pregnancy : Now its Time to Love Yourself for Your Baby’s Health

The moment you came to know that you are pregnant you start loving yourself and also stared taking care of urself more.
For me pregnancy has never been a burden phase, I use to enjoy this phase with full swing. Some people have different opinion about pregnancy,they feel that you are sick. But that’s not true, for me this is the best phase of my life or rather I can say every mother’s life.
Earlier I had a miscarriage, I really got shattered because I started dreaming about my child. But after that I stood up and came up from all those negative thought. Then I decided to give extra time on my body, because now I know fitness is more importat than anything. So I lost 10 kg in 3 month.
On 14th feb 2018 I came to know that I am pregnant, I was so so so happy but I kept that happiness inside me as i am afraid of what happened in previous.
Now what happens is I get more protective and concerned about my health and more than that my baby health. What I found is when I am fit my baby do so well because my health is parallel to my baby health.
In my opinion or from my experience its all myth that only from juice and fruits your develop well, I never had any kind of juice throughout my pregnancy, I only had home made fresh food like dal chawal roti normal indian food & what I found is it gives more energry than drinking juice. I had soups, salad and dal chawal alotz, as I get vomited whenever I had outside food.
That time I really get pissed off that why can’t I had outside food but trust me it is the best thing happened with me that i didn’t had outside food because it is so dangerous for baby health and mine too, as we donth know how they cook food wheather it is hygienic or not, it will create bacterial infection for which you get diarrhea so some more health issue which directly hampered your child development milestones.
One more thing is important during pregnancy is good atmosphere surrounded by good people. a women go through many harmonal changes so mood swing is so common in them. If you are concern for your child, firstly concern about urself because at the end u have only control on ur emotion and anger. Some people never understand that what women are going through meantally & physically, this time she only need is love & little bit concern not so overprotective but a sweet gesture that I am with you is enough for her.
In my case I am staying with my parents and my husband is on duty but I am so lucky that I got the best parents and a best husband too. My parents treat me like I am princess that time which I feel every girl deserve that, more than that a girl deserve a best husband too who supports her and stand with her in every situation. My husband is my best friend he has supported me so well and handled my all mood swings so well.

So for every women just enjoy this journey of being pregnant, forget everything just love yourself whatever the situation is for the sake of your baby because ultimately your baby health is important and this time will never came again.

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