50 Funny Diaper Messages for Parents That Will Make Their Day

50 Funny Diaper Sayings for Parents That Will Make Their Day

Parents love to spend time with their babies. They are an absolute joy, but when it comes to the most dreaded diaper change, you’ll see many using any excuse to skip the task! While it’s an unpleasant task at any point during the day, it is especially hard waking up in the middle of the night at 3 am to calm down your crying baby and change her so you can go back to get a little more shut-eye. Taking turns to change your little poop machine is mandatory, but it’s not pretty for either of you. You could, however, adopt interesting ways to make the activity fun for each other, such as leaving funny diaper messages. Here’s a list we have curated for you to get through the task with a smile.

50 Diaper Quotes and Messages That Will Give You a Laughter Dose

The nappy messages you leave for your partner should be crisp and witty, so the next time it is their turn, they would look forward to what they will find. Here are some ideas for fun things to write on diapers:

  1. By reading this message, you agree to change one diaper.
  2. Just think… one day it will my turn to change your diaper.
  3. Do you think this diaper makes my butt look big?
  4. Why don’t you social distance yourself and throw away the diaper?
  5. That’s how you bring about a change in the world, one diaper at a time.
  6. If you think this diaper makes my butt look big, it is time to change it.
  7. Phew! That was a marathon poop session, can’t wait for the next!
  8. It looks like you might need a little more sleep, just sayin’.
  9. 3 am. Party in my crib, be there. Bring your own diaper.
  10. Raising kids is part joy and part guerilla warfare. All parents are veterans.
  11. I know this isn’t freediving, but how long can you hold your breath?
  12. You haven’t seen smelly yet, wait till I start eating solids hahaha.
  13. This too shall pass.. (although it kinda already did).
  14. Hold on a second, didn’t we just do this five minutes ago?
  15. Someday I will sleep quietly through the night and so will you!
  16. Are we keeping count? Cause only 4,000 more until I am potty trained.
  17. Everybody comes wearing a diaper and leaves wearing one too.
  18. Don’t look at me; this one is coming from daddy.
  19. Open this and find out the fastest way to clear a room.
  20. Huston, we have a problem… It is code brown.
  21. When I’m through with this, I’ll set a world record!
  22. Roses are red; Violets are Blue. Will this have pee or will this have poo?
  23. Radioactive waste, proceed to open and dispose of with extreme caution.
  24. That weird new toy you got scared this out of me.
  25. I made an oopsie in the diaper.
  26. Keep calm, hold your breath, and change this diaper.
  27. You are doing great; it will be over soon, hang in there!
  28. Dad’s great, mom is amazing, but whoever changes this is the best.
  29. My motto in life – as you will soon come to realise: go big or go home.
  30. Everything else can wait; this is a top priority!
  31. This is not for the faint of heart, open at your own risk!
  32. Quit staring, this diaper isn’t gonna change itself.
  33. What goes in through the front come out through the back.
  34. I’ve given you an extra load today cause I love you so much.
  35. Let’s see how long you can really hold your breath for!
  36. Don’t give me that look; you were here once.
  37. Get a new one; there’s a lot more where that came from.
  38. You can go take a long shower after this, I promise!
  39. Warning: contents under pressure. This side towards the bowl.
  40. Maybe you should wear a gas mask to diffuse this one.
  41. Hello there, I’m trapped inside. Care to set me free?
  42. I love you, so I make diaper bombs for you all day.
  43. I like all things warm and mushy, except this.
  44. If you can read, then you put the diaper backward genius!… Just kidding.
  45. Sleep is for the weak, the strong change diapers at 4 am.
  46. Do you smell something? I made you a big present!
  47. Bomb’s away in no time at all!
  48. Poops, I did it again, I made you believe that this could be pee.
  49. Gas mask, check. Hazmat suit, check. You’re GO to diffuse.
  50. Are we gonna do this or will it be 1-800-Grandma?

Changing diapers is seldom a pleasant experience, especially when you have to wake up in the middle of the night. A funny quote at this stage can go a long way to help you or your partner get through it with a smile, or it might even cheer you up. These one-liners are also excellent baby shower diaper messages when you attend one and need some ideas on the funniest line you can drop on the diaper.

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