How to Keep a Baby's Skin Feeling Fresh During Summers 

How to Keep a Baby’s Skin Feeling Fresh During Summers 

Summertime calls for beaches, sunshine, ice creams, watermelons and more! Some may choose to spend their summers holidaying in different parts of the world, while others may choose to enjoy mangoes and ice creams from the comfort of their home. Summers bring about the spirit of youth and rejuvenation as this time of the year sets the tone for the rest of the year! However, summers can also be sweaty, sticky and sometimes harsh on the skin. The sun’s heat batters the skin, causing it to sweat and tan. This heat can especially be troublesome for babies (and consequently their parents).
For new parents or parents with young babies, it is a battle to find the best methods and products that help keep your little one fresh and their skin safe. Babies have sensitive skin, which needs extra nurturing and protection from harsh summers. The key is to use the right products that suit your baby’s needs.

How the Sun’s UV Rays Affect the Skin’s pH

Healthy skin pH sits approximately at 5.5 on the pH scale. At 5.5 pH, the skin’s acid mantle is at optimum levels. The acid mantle is the skin’s protective layer against its environment. The acid mantle also helps protect our skin against the sun’s UV rays. However, prolonged exposure to UV rays can weaken the acid mantle and make the skin more alkaline. This exposes the skin to harsh environments causing a variety of problems.
A baby’s skin starts forming an acid mantle only after 3 months post-birth. Even after it has started forming the acid mantle, it needs extra care, for which you must use products that are hydrating and maintain the skin’s pH at 5.5. Sebamed’s Baby Body Lotion locks in hydration while maintaining the skin’s pH at 5.5. This ensures a healthy acid mantle and moisture in your baby’s skin.

Keeping Your Baby Fresh Indoors

Unfortunately, the summer heat can also affect your baby indoors. Summer months can get awfully uncomfortable, leaving your little one crankier and susceptible to rashes caused by heat. Here are some ways to keep your baby fresh indoors:

1. Comfort is Key

Dressing your baby in cool but covered clothes is the key to keeping them fresh for longer. Choose cotton, linen or muslin fabrics and clothes that are loose-fitting to ensure the circulation of air. Make sure your baby’s skin is covered to keep insects and mosquitoes away.

2. Hydrate, Hydrate. Hydrate!

Keeping your baby hydrated is important. You can feed them breastmilk or water, depending on their age. Dehydration is dangerous to young babies and infants, so ensure your little one is sufficiently hydrated at all times.

3. Extra rest

Babies may feel extra tired during summer because of the heat. Allow them to rest for extra time in a cool room with the fan on to help circulate air.

4. Refreshing baths

Give your little one refreshing baths to keep their skin clean and hydrated. It will also help keep your baby fresh and wash away sweat and grime. You can use Sebamed’s Baby Gentle Wash which is perfect for daily cleansing of a baby’s skin and gentle too.

Keeping Your Baby Fresh Outdoors

Taking your baby outdoors during summer can be nerve-wracking. The radiating heat, the sweat, and the dust can all lead to an uncomfortable baby. Well, here are some tips on keeping your baby fresh, protected, and comfy outdoors.

1. Plan outdoor time

It is best to plan out your outdoor time beforehand. Avoid taking your baby out in the gruelling summer heat. Choose early mornings or sunsets to avoid harsh sunlight.

2. Protective creams

A baby’s skin needs constant care and protection. You must use specially formulated baby products to ensure that their skin does not develop heat rashes. Sebamed’s Protective Facial Cream is infused with Vitamin E, which safeguards the skin from harmful environmental factors like the sun.

3. Sun-protection

Sunblock is one of the most important things you need to carry while heading outdoors. Sunscreen blocks the Sun’s harmful rays from penetrating the skin and causing harm. For babies, Sebamed’s Baby Sunscreen Lotion SPF 50 Plus is perfect as it protects the skin from the sun’s rays and provides optimal hydration.

4. Carry baby wipes

One quick way to refresh your little one is by wiping them down with wet baby wipes. Baby wipes are definitely your best friend in hotter months!

Signs your Baby is Overheating

No matter what you do, environmental factors are sometimes unpredictable. Always keep an eye out on your baby to ensure they are not overheating during summer. Here are some symptoms of overheating in babies to watch out for.

  • Flushed or red skin
  • Sweating or damp hair
  • Fussy or restless behaviour
  • Elevated heart rate
  • Sluggish behaviour

If you notice any of the above signs on a hot day, immediately take action to cool your baby down or contact your paediatrician for solutions.

As your baby grows old, they’ll have their own summer likes and dislikes.  Make sure to make tons of memories with your baby before they grow up. These summers with your baby will be the most beautiful summers of your life, so dress them up cute and take some lovely pictures you can both look back on fondly in the future!

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