When Can You Let Visitors Hold Your Newborn Baby?

When Can You Let Visitors Hold Your Newborn Baby?

Newborns are so delicate, and parents often wonder when is the right time to allow visitors to hold their baby. The ideal time is when your child is about two months old, but everyone knows that it is not so easy to keep visitors away for so long, and most parents do not want to be isolated for as long anyway. In cases like this, it is best to have some rules in place for what is allowed when visitors are around your baby.

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Things to Keep in Mind Before Letting Visitors Hold the Baby

Here are a few things that every parent should keep in mind before allowing visitors to hold the baby:

  • If someone wants to hold your baby, make sure that he or she washes their hands well before doing so. Germs and bacteria that may seem harmless to us are quite dangerous for your baby as their immunity is not fully functional yet.
  • Smokers should not hold the baby for at least half an hour after smoking. Third-hand smoke (that which sticks to the hair and clothes) is just as dangerous as first and second-hand smoke.
  • Sick people should not hold your baby. This should go without saying, but it can be fatal to your child to be around anyone who is sick. There should be no coughing or sneezing allowed near your child, let alone by the one doing the holding.
  • Do not let others kiss your newborn as people can carry bacteria or virus in their throats even without showing symptoms.
  • As you do not yet know if your baby has allergies or sensitivities, ask the visitors not to wear strong cologne or perfumes if they want to hold the baby.
  • If your baby starts to cry, ask to have him or her back as she needs you. She may need to be changed or fed, or simply needs your comfort after being handled by people she doesn’t know.
  • If possible, do not allow others to handle your baby for too long as your little one may become over-stimulated, and they will need their rest.

How to Politely Tell Visitors to Keep Their Hands Off Your Baby

A few ideas to help you do so without being offensive towards anybody.

1. Post on Social Media

Today, social media is everything. Make a polite post on either Facebook or Instagram letting people know the few guidelines you would like them to follow when they visit you.

2. Wear Your Baby

Yes, you read right; wear your baby. There are many new sling carriers for newborns that keep them close to you and make it nearly impossible, and also downright rude, for others to try sticking their hands into to touch your baby. This may just be the best way to keep all hands off the baby.

3. Stick a List

Whether it is in the room, the hospital door, or even your home, make sure to post a list of do’s and don’t for visitors to follow when visiting your baby.

Visiting boundaries is a rather sensitive topic as no new parent wants to offend the people who want to be a part of the celebration of the birth of their precious child. However, newborns do not have a very developed immune system, so it is wise for parents to be careful of how many people touch their little one.

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