A Beautiful Journey Towards Motherhood

A Beautiful Journey Towards Motherhood

When all the wonders of the universe come together to bless you, it is then you hear the first cry of your own creation. It is the only time you feel happy to hear your child crying; when you become a mother.

It was the holy month for Hindus, celebrating different festivals. People all around were praying, chanting, singing and it seemed like all the blessings were upon my womb.

It is so mystic when I sit back and see my USG reports now, how beautifully carved and created my baby was – from one small cell to a grown-up body. This is the beauty of the entire process of giving birth and passing on the DNA to the next generation.

Every day I woke up in those 8 months, it was like I was getting a new life for myself because of the worries creeping inside my mind day in and day out. The fear of a past incident of losing a 36-week-old foetus had had a bad heart-wrenching effect on my soul.

Even after the worst situation of losing my first baby, I always felt that her soul is present inside me. When I conceived for the second time, I felt that nature has designed this process so beautifully, treating mothers as the agents who build the bridge to connect a body with the soul. We are not the owner of the child but a path-provider to them. Our conviction determines their future. The time before my second pregnancy was the time I was most fruitful, hardworking, determined, and enthusiastic and I possessed a spirit of not giving up on anything.

Be determined and assured that whatever happens in life, being it a good or bad incidence, it will always teach us a lesson. Out of my own experience, I think fear makes us ignorant but when we work on that and never give a chance for happiness to fade away from us, it can never harm us. I was so determined that I was sure I would be able to give birth to a healthy child again.

Despite the many challenges that came my way, I kept high hopes and believed in a life force to activate positive energies, which in turn gave me a fruitful outcome. Now, when I look back, I love my adventurous journey – from being an outgoing, immature, party-hopping, shopaholic girl to becoming a responsible mom.

Mother and baby
I educated myself enough for my second pregnancy. I had enough research for every good and flaw concerning a delivery. In those 8 months (as my angel was born at 34 weeks), I never took any chances of being negligent during pregnancy, be it regarding proper diagnosis, food, health, travelling, work or anything concerned. It is advisable to be alert during every step when you carry life within yourself, irrespective of unpredictable fate.

A minor mistake during pregnancy will not give you the chance to bounce back immediately and that’s why there is no scope to miss any opportunity to take care of yourself. A few precautions that helped me out were:

  1. Following healthy food habits.
  2. Not experimenting with many different fruits, veggies or packaged food.
  3. Saying no to junk food.
  4. Monitoring sugar levels weekly, and in later months, every alternate day.
  5. Noticing the movements of a baby is most crucial.
  6. Proper focus on thyroid and taking medicine regularly if required.
  7. Drinking enough water daily.

Since I had an inclination towards the higher side of diabetes, it is always advisable for me to keep my weight in control with healthy habits.

Checking of sugar and blood pressure levels is optional but I think it gives you inner satisfaction and relief when you are worried about such things. It also plays a major role in collapsing a foetus silently.

The challenges started from the fifth month when my water levels started dropping below the safe line. Every night passed like a year and I kept on praying to have a safe delivery. This continued for almost 6 weeks and I was kept under observation in the hospital for a few more weeks, to maintain the baby’s normal weight. Finally, in the 34th week, the doctor decided to operate as it was our choice to have a caesarean delivery.

On 27th October 2018, I got a new life through this journey of motherhood. The first cry of a child takes away all the pain in just a second. She is a jewel and a blessing to us.

Motherhood is quite a tough job. In spite of hardships and stress at every step, we do, however, enjoy and cherish each moment. Not to give up is a win in itself!

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