How to Deal With Stress Over Providing Your Child With Better Education

How to Deal With Stress Over Providing Your Child With Better Education

Being a parent can be so stressful, not only because of the visceral and very deep care that you have for your children but also because you constantly worry about their future. How will they turn out? Am I doing everything right? What if something goes wrong? Will it all be my fault? As you probably know, you’re not the only parent with these concerns, but you should also be aware that there are ways you can feel less stressed. One of the biggest reasons for stress is your child’s education. Every parent wants their child to thrive and be successful, and education plays a big role in determining your child’s future prospects in life. So, if you’re looking for the right school or trying to find the financial means to pay for your child’s tuition fees, here are some ways that can help you cope and be less anxious:

1. First of all, think about your child.

No matter how much you’re trying to keep your cool in front of your child, it’s inevitable for your child to feel stressed in return, especially if you’re constantly pushing your child to get better grades and achieve more. It’s fairly reasonable why you’re doing – after all, some of the most prestigious schools have very high requirements for their future students, but if your child is really struggling to get that top math grade, your pushing will just make him feel more anxious and less receptive to the actual knowledge. Children should be focused on learning and passing their exams, instead of fulfilling their parents’ dreams. So, if you’re really looking to send your child to a better learning institution, you should talk to your child beforehand and make him understand that his part of the job is to study and focus on getting good grades. No child will respond well to threats, blackmails and pressure.

2. Have an honest conversation with yourself.

This may be the most difficult step, but if you really want to feel less stressed, you need to sit down and have a sincere conversation with yourself (or a therapist, if you like). Why do you want to send your child to the best school out there? Is it really about his future or are you trying to fulfil your own dreams and ambition? The truth is, there’s nothing sadder than a parent that tries to push their child into a certain direction solely because they’re hoping a child would fulfil their own dreams that somehow didn’t come true. Now, it’s perfectly logical that you want your child to have opportunities that you didn’t have, but it’s also important to let your child make his own mistakes and learn from them. Motivating your child to do better is fine, but forcing him to do things he’s not interested in, isn’t going to make him smarter or more successful. In case you’re struggling to calm down, you can try meditation for clearing your mind so you’ll be able to find the right answer and help your child and yourself.

3. Plan your finances.

Sending your kid to an exclusive private school costs a lot, and if you’re not earning huge amounts, trying to find financial means can be a source of a lot of stress. That’s why it’s important to plan ahead and set some money aside that will be used as an initial payment, so your child can be ready to enrol immediately, in case he gets accepted. In case you’re in big financial destitution, you should know that there are places that offer excellent scholarships but your child also needs to meet certain criteria in order to qualify. Therefore, if you’re planning to focus on getting some help, you should motivate your child to do better at school in order to increase the chances of getting awarded with a scholarship.

Scholarship for your child

4. Focus on after-school activities.

Your kid can only do so much in order to get good grades, and even if he does his best and studies all day, every day, there will always be a child that’s more dedicated, smarter and more well-adjusted. It’s a fact of life, and unless you have a little Elon Musk in the making, you need to accept that there are other kids that are also smart and deserving of a good education. But that’s not the reason to get stressed and depressed, because there are ways to make your child stand out. The key is to focus on after-school activities such as playing sports and nurturing his talents that aren’t directly related to school and studying. Every child has talent; the key is to find it and teach your child to be confident and proud of his achievements. You’ll also be less stressed knowing that your child is learning other things that can help him be a successful and well-rounded individual.

5. Talk to other parents.

Many ambitious parents see other parents (and their kids) as direct competition and obstacle to their own child’s success. Even though that can be the case to a degree, it’s crucial to know that networking with others can significantly help you feel less anxious. After all, everything’s better when you have others to lean on. You can talk to other parents and learn some new useful information, while your child can make new friends and learn to be more sociable.

Interact more with other parents


Trying to provide your kid with better education can be very nerve-racking for the whole family, but you should also be aware that your child won’t be happier or more hard-working if you constantly push him to succeed without considering his abilities and desires. Always remember to keep the balance and focus on making your child a responsible, self-confident and self-reliant person.

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