Baby Sleep Routine To Help You Sleep Throughout the Night

Baby Sleep Routine To Help You Sleep Throughout the Night

Hello! I am the mommy of a ten-month-old baby boy Dhairya Raj Sehgal aka Mr Sweet Face. I was always a deep sleeper (especially during the night) and was constantly worried about how would I manage to go through these so-called sleepless nights with my newborn baby. I did some research and came up with a few routines that helped me a lot with him sleeping throughout the night and not waking me up to from sleep to play at odd hours. Here are a few ways:

  • While your baby is napping during day time, don’t turn off the lights. Give him a dark and peaceful environment at night only.
  • Try feeding your baby while lying down only at night. Don’t just keep hopping him from lap to bed.
  • Make sure the environment of the room is good, that is where you can sleep even without a blanket (not too warm, not too cold).
  • Don’t put him to sleep at least four hours before bed.
  • Make sure your baby’s tummy is full otherwise your baby will keep on waking you up for nursing.
  • After your baby is six months old, make sure you give him/her water an hour before sleep.
  • You should definitely have a sleep routine, like making a habit of washing your baby’s genitals and putting him into a nightsuit before sleeping.
  • You should sing him/her a lullaby so he can understand that it’s his/her sleep time.
  •  Breastfeeding moms should cut down caffeine intake to just one cup of strong tea or coffee.
  • Massage your baby a little (especially back and legs).
  • Whenever the baby cries, try changing his or her sleeping position as he may get tired of sleeping in one position.
  • Breastfeeding throughout the night is more comfortable than bottle feeding as you’ll have to prepare the milk which will definitely take some time and will end up waking up the baby.
  • Never turn the lights on even if baby wants to play, the baby will eventually get bored in the dull environment and will automatically want to sleep.

PS: Every baby is different, slowly and gradually everything settles with the baby, never try to rush anything.

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