Breastfeeding - a Good Latch or a Good Bond

Breastfeeding – a Good Latch or a Good Bond

This is my first baby and like any other female, I was also mentally preparing myself for a lot of lifestyle changes during my pregnancy. I used to check with my elder ladies, colleagues, friends and relatives about their experiences on feeding their baby and trust me, each had their own view points. You only get to have your own story when you pass through the tunnel.

So here I am – self nurturing my baby or in other wirds if I may put up- breastfeeding my baby.
Right from the very first day of giving birth to my baby, the hospital ensured that they give me all the gyaan of the world on how to do it, n for how long. There was always this frequently used term “latching”.
Your baby needs to latch on properly to make sure – firstly, your baby is getting enough milk and secondly, your supply doesn’t reduce.

No one will speak about that special bond that a mother and baby shares the most while being just in the company of each other.
I was given gur-jeera, jeera wayer, ajwain water, elaichi water and what not to make sure I have enough supply and all this while, me and my baby used to look into each other and talking all the stuff a new mother (me) could speak to her baby even after knowing that the baby will not react!!!
We try to provide our child with the best nutrition by eating all the right food.

In every visit made to a paediatrician or gynecologist, the first question asked is “how do you feed your baby?”.  It’s been quite a few days and me and my baby talk to each other (obviously he only expresses with his eye expressions). The kind of bond we share or for that matter any other breastfeeding mother shares with her child is beyond words. My baby smells me even if I am just around and wants to be huuged for the satisfaction of his security.
No latch is imperfect, the only omperfection is in our efforts.
Do not lose hope if you are not able to breastfeed your baby initially. If you think you have time now, go and bond well with your baby.

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