We Were Infertile But We Didn’t Give Up

We Were Infertile But We Didn't Give Up

I got married in 2013. Was living a happy married life. After 2 years of marraige, my husband and I decided to have a baby. But life is not that simple. 90% of the time what we decide doesn’t happen. After 1 year of failed Preganews report, we finally went to the doctor. After lots of lots of checkups and tests, doctor said I have thyroid, PCOD, a cyst of medium size, one blocked fallopian tube, and my ovary was not producing eggs for fertility. In simple words I was infertile. I had 50% chance to conceive. Believe me, that was the most heartbreaking news I have ever heard. It was so hard to accept the fact. But we both decided not to give up hope just yet and started my tons of medicines, injections right away.

After 6 months we went to the doctor again. This time he said my husband is infertile too. And that 50% chance came down to 25%. We still didn’t give up hope. Another 6 months gone and finally, it started affecting us, affecting our relationship. We went to every single famous doctor in our city, took all the advice we could take, took an enormous number of medicines. My in-laws started telling me that this is all my fault. I was already devastated with all the things and this started getting on my nerves. It started feeling like mental torture at one point in time.

2017 mid, we were broken, we lost all our hopes, we gave up. We decided to go for IVF, and if that didn’t work out, we thought of adopting a baby and raise him/her well. So what if we didn’t have our own. We had each other.

2018 January, my period was late, I told my husband to get a Preganews kit and he did. Next day early in the moring I went to the bathroom to test it. Deep down I knew it isn’t going to be positive this time also but I was hoping for it somewhere. And it came positive. Wooohoooo!!!!!!! The happiest day of my life!! Could not believe on my eyes. Told him the news, showed the kit but he didn’t believe also. Rest the story for another time. In short, 2018 August, my little bundle of joy came to this earth, my Jishu. To all the infertile parents out there – do not give up, do not give up hope, do not give up on each other. Fight it, stay strong with each other holding hands. Let neighbours and relatives speak. Infertility makes you strong physically, mentally,  emotionally. Good things come to those who wait.

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