Baby Related Food and Nutrition: What and How to Offer and What to Avoid

Baby Related Food and Nutrition: What and How to Offer and What to Avoid

Baby and food!! Every single parent is worried when thing comes to food and nutrition of a baby. Six month from birth is suggested for exclusive breastfeeding. Post that, baby is ready to be introduced to family food. But parent should be in a hurry as this is the first important transition for a baby. Some baby easily passes this transition. Some feels not so comfortable in this transition. So enough time should be given to a baby to explore and accept this transition.

It should be kept in mind that sugar and salt should not be introduced till 1 year.

Proper texture of food should be given. And parents, please don’t make it a long term habit of feeding food in pureed or mashed form. Proper granular structure of food should be given to a baby.

Their is no such limitation of food that can or can’t be offered. So except junks, sugar, salt, animal milk, varieties can be offered to a baby.

Animal milk shouldn’t be given till 1 year.

Allergies should be checked after each new introduction of food. Stop immediately if allergy is noticed.

Iron, calcium rich food like Brocolli, Avocado, Spinach etc should be given in proper amount.

Different varieties of food should be given to bring their interest in food. Colourful food attracts them. So always combine and offer thrm.

Food should be properly washed and we’ll cooked before feed.

Initially one meal should be given a day replacing one breakfast session. Gradually, increase the frequency of feeding.

Raw veggies and fruits should be washed properly.

Please avoid using plastic bowl, spoon and glass from using for baby. In stead, use steel or silver utensils.

Baby should be welcomed very patient fully to this transition. Being parents, we are responsible to make them comfortable in transition, provide them proper nutrition and avoid junks.

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