Here Are 5 Ways to Deal With a Crying Baby

Here Are 5 Ways to Deal With a Crying Baby

The first 3 months after having a child is toughest phase for every parent.
Understanding the cries of babies, catering their needs and soothing the child is really a difficult task. So when you hear your baby crying here is the checklist to help you calm the child.

1.Golden checklist

Does the baby needs a diaper change?
Is the baby sleepy?
Is the baby hungry?

2. Check on babies attire

Dont overdress your baby. Your baby just needs one layer extra than what you are wearing.

3. The 5 S

The effective formula to sooth babies in first few months is these 5 S

Swinging: Swinging your little one in cradle can actually calm it and help a sound sleep.

Side/Stomach position: Putting baby sideways also helps them sleep but dont forget to put them on their back once they are asleep as leaving them sideways or on stomach unattended increases the risk of SIDS(sudden infant death syndrome)

Shushing : Saying Shhh or any rythmic sound help babies calm down and putting them to sleep.

Swaddling : Swaddling the baby in a blanket helps baby out of the moro reflex(reflex of jolt when falling from height as seen in infants)
But once your baby starts rolling as its own,you should stop swaddling your baby as it again increases the risk of SIDS

Sucking : Allow the baby to suck on a pacifier or its own thumb ,this will calm it down and help the baby sleep.

4. Gas and Reflux

Light abdomen massage in clockwise motion to push the gas trapped in intestines also comforts the baby.

5. Feeding at small intervals

Feeding the baby multiple times with small feeds and burping after every feed prevents acidity and gases as well thus helps baby sleep calm.

These are the things I tried after my delivery and trust me these works very well and makes it so easy to calm the little one.

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