My Life As a Work-from-Home Mom During the COVID Pandemic

Hi, fellow moms!

Let me start with an old but popular adage, “Everything happens for a reason”. And I believe this pandemic has happened for a reason, and that reason is not that bad. You must be wondering, what a thing to say during these uncertain times! But, dear moms, please halt, and look at your life now. Isn’t it better in so many ways than it was some months back?

If I look back on my life a year ago, I see it as a stressful race, where I didn’t get a breather for even a moment, until I lay down on my bed at night. I would even think aloud sometimes – why am I living like this? Why am I working so hard if I don’t even get time to sit with my daughter for a moment and play with her?

My race against time started right during the wee hours of morning. I used to get up, get ready myself, get my 4 year old ready for school, pack our lunches, rush to the bus stop to see my daughter off to school, and then pick up my stuff and take a metro to the office. My evenings would also end in the blink of an eye. There is no time to even sit and play with my daughter or read a book to her before going to bed. That’s because our minds are so occupied with the planning of the next day. My husband’s life was no different. Twenty-four hours seemed less to us.

But today, things have changed. I don’t have those rushed mornings. I wake up after the sun rises, breathe in the fresh air from my balcony, make a glass of milk for myself, and start office work. I wake my daughter up after an hour, have breakfast as family, watch the news together, then make my daughter attend her online classes.

Life is so much less stressful. Since my daughter is quite mature for her age, I don’t need to keep nagging her for finishing her school work. She mostly completes her work independently, with just a little guidance from me. Lunches and evening teas have also become a family ritual.

My evenings are even lovelier. On weekdays, I either read books with my daughter, or play board games with her. I even sit with her in her pretend plays. Make-up is her favourite these days. I help her learn something new for her school activities. I guide her in making craft work, too. My daughter might not be going outside to play, but I can say confidently that she is definitely happier now, with my involvement in every aspect of her life. And this makes me so happy.

My weekends are blissful. As we are not going off to the malls like earlier times, I have found a new way of spending my time. I bake! Yes, I have started baking, and this gives me immense joy. And not to forget all the digital video streaming services! When our daughter usually stays busy with her toys, we enjoy our favourite series.

This is what I am trying to say. This pandemic has opened our lives to do things we were not able to do earlier, or to do them differently, or do what we have been meaning to do for so long. So moms, take a step back and enjoy your life with your family, and most importantly, with yourself!

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