” Life As a Mommy ” The Journey Which Only a Mom Passes Through

I was of 17 years old when I got married, It was around 3 months of my marriage we were quite happy as newly wed but the society was eagerly waiting for the baby, more than us and finally those days I missed my monthly tracking we were a bit confused as not sure we didn’t shared it with anyone else.  After 2-3 days, the inner feeling of me was getting stronger and emotional.  We bought a pregnancy kit that night and were waiting for the morning.  He slept but I was unable to sleep waiting for my little one and it was 4 a.m in the morning I rushed thru and we did it and the time ran in micro seconds. For the first time the result was positive and we waited for 9 months dreaming of our fairy tale each day and still the society was eager than us to know whether it’s a boy or girl . Finally a little princess arrived into our life. The journey began there #”Life As A Mommy

It was very strange for me as I was still need to be guided , but that all folks … Then I started to enjoying my sleepless nights with my princess , as day passed she began to turn, sit, crawl and it was getting harder as to take care of the family and the little one. Having a proper relationship with everyone just became a  dream, correcting all my mistakes, making everyone feel comfortable, satisfying their needs , growing up a child , maintaining a proper home.

These all becomes our top most priorities, where we lost ourselves in between this wonderful life, but still the society the People think that women do nothing in their lives. They don’t have any work they just have lots of time to chill which is true but not real

  • They do nothing but make the world
  • They make the whole world a fairy tale for their princess
  • They don’t have any 9-5 job because they are busy loving their families 24-7 the love which includes (cooking,cleaning,caring..)
  • The sleepless nights for a new born baby, the fun filled evenings for a toddler baby, the early mornings for a school kid in which only a mom can feel happy going restles
  • “The journey which started in giving a birth never ends till her death” which this society can never understand.

And now my princess is walking she’s almost a year and she makes me feel that i’m not less than a queen as mommy of a princess and wife of a king who supports her in all her ups and downs.

The society never stops you ladies so please don’t forget to live your life happily ignoring them ?

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