Do You Believe That Mess Is Very Important in a Child’s Life?

Most commonly, the members of households try to make the child perfect in writing A – Z, 1 – 100, and Hindi aksharas; in short, everything a parent or a playschool can make a child write before it turns 4. The fact that the child’s finger muscles are highly fragile around the age of 3 or 4 is something that every child care provider should be aware of. It is not well developed enough to correctly hold a pencil. Forcing a child to write at this age can stifle their growth and development. This is the time to expose the child to as many fines and gross motor skill development activities as possible.
Provide them with a bit of salt, sand or grains and enjoy the sight of your child making different patterns in it. We attempt to prevent the mess here, but the mess creates a fascinating tactile and sensory experience for the child, sparking their interest. It allows the child to learn more about the world around them while improving their language skills and creativity. There are several opportunities to mould and manipulate materials in a mess without focusing on making something. Allow the kid to use their fine motor skills by spraying water onto plants. Paints and brushes can help youngster improve their skills.

It takes more than a pencil and paper to write. There’s a lot more to it than that. Controlling the paper and holding the pencil correctly. Finger, shoulder, back, neck, head, eyes, and foot muscles are all involved. When it comes to writing, the entire body is involved. Good posture is encouraged when writing, and fine motor skills development comes before writing.

Playing with play dough, peeling and adhering bindis or stickers of the child’s choice, punching holes in paper, tearing, cutting, and pasting papers, and a slew of other basic creative activities provide hours of entertainment.

Once the child has gained confidence in the manoeuvres, they enjoy writing. So much fun, messy play!

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