Becoming a Mother Again of a Cute Little Baby Boy

Becoming a Mother Again of a Cute Little Baby Boy

This is my story of exploring motherhood! I am a mom to 3 beautiful kids and I feel so blessed to have them in my life. Every day seems like a new session added to my life with my kids. I play all the roles in my kid’s life other than just being a mother. I become more like a friend when they want to play. When they get bored, I start singing for them and dance along with them. It is tough sometimes to stay patient to handle them. But I keep calm sometimes to stop my instant reactions. Once when I was a kid, I use to think when will I become big and have my own kids. Now, when I have my own kids, I think when will my kids become big and have their own kids. It seems life is a journey and we are passengers, exchanging seats and thus, living in this world.

My elder son likes sonic cartoons. He imitates and acts as the character in the cartoons. Sometimes, I feel how quick learner is my son to grasp each and every minute behaviour if that cartoon. We as parents, sometimes don’t understand the fact that children behave what they see around them. It’s very important that, as parents, we give them a positive environment to grow because they notice how we behave all the time and pick up habits from what they see us doing. My daughter is a darling. She likes to do makeup and go out sightseeing. When she talks, everyone is mesmerized with her way of talking, actions and her cute and lovely smile. Though she is very naughty at having food as she demands to give a mobile phone to watch YouTube.

But being her mother even I am smart to feed her without giving her the mobile. It is the problem in every family now that children are demanding to watch YouTube videos while having food and parents are left with no option other than giving them whatever their child is asking for. It needs to be taken care at this stage of childhood. In this age, the baby’s body needs nutrients to grow and using mobiles while having food will not let the nutrients get absorbed into the body. It’s a humble request to all parents to please take care of children and keep them away from mobiles. This brings me to conclude my story by saying that becoming a parent is the most beautiful gift given to us and enjoy your gift to the fullest.

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