Baby Kick Counter: When to Call Your Doctor

Every baby is different; some babies may just be more active and may keep jumping around quite regularly. On the other hand, other babies might just want to snooze around till they pop out of you before they start moving. Either way, every baby will move in the womb. It is important you get attuned to what’s normal for your baby, and measure your baby’s movements accordingly. However, some patterns are sure shot warning signs. In any of the following cases, you should consult a doctor immediately:

Sudden change in pattern: Does your baby always start kicking when you eat, but didn’t do it today? Does your baby like to stretch his limbs when you go for a walk, but didn’t do so today? Any deviation from the usual pattern could be cause for concern. Be vigilant!

Don’t sit on it: As you get more and more used to your baby’s movements in your womb, you will notice when there is a change or drop in the movements. It is best to visit your doctor immediately when this happens, rather than to ‘give it time’.

Your best guide will be your instincts, because when you are pregnant, your instincts are the strongest than they have ever been at any point in life. Trust yourself. And if you are still not sure, do not hesitate to call your doctor.

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