Babyhug Weighted Pink Straw Sipper for Toddlers – A Detailed Product Review

This is my overall take on Babyhug Weighted Pink Straw Sipper.
As our babies grow, we all need to ensure we have safe ways of giving them drinking water, storing milk, juices, etc. We all need to be sure that this daily need is being met both at home as well as outside. Kids cannot carry regular cups without making a mess. On top of that, you will be busy cleaning up the spillage and changing their clothes from time to time.
Babyhug Weighted Straw Sipper is the solution to this issue. It is designed to allow a baby to carry it both at home and outside. Hygiene is a must in today’s situation. This sipper has a swipey lid to keep the straw clean and hygienic. It also has a cover.
It gives a unique drinking experience to babies. 360 degrees drinking edge eliminates spills completely. It is for children above 9 months of age. It is made of BPA-free material and is easy to clean and assemble. It is easy to get the right amount of liquid for your baby since the cup is made from a transparent plastic material. It has a holding capacity of 360 ml, enough to satisfy your baby and enjoy different kinds of liquids.
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Main Features:

  1. It is made of BPA-free Polypropylene, and that is why it is safe to be used by your baby.
  2. It has a swipey lid to prevent the straw from getting dirty.
  3. It has a cover that helps in keeping its contents free of dust and germs.
What I liked: 
  1. Easy to clean and maintain.
  2. Provides copious quantity of fluid when sucked.
  3. Available in attractive colours of blue, orange and pink to capture your child’s attention. It has beautiful prints for kids.
  4. Has smooth edges, and is thus safe for your child.
  5. Has a 360 degrees drinking edge, and hence prevents leakages, especially with a playful child.
  6. It comes with a straw spout for easy sucking, and when not in use, the swipey lid can be used to seal the straw and keep it clean.

Performance Ratings:

  • Features: 4/5
  • Product Design: 5/5
  • Performance (Basis Features): 4/5
  • Value for Money: 3/5
Would I recommend  Babyhug Weighted Straw Sipper? Yes, absolutely!

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