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Maintaining a healthy diet during pregnancy is very important. During the first trimester, I consumed extra protein and calcium to meet the needs of the growing fetus. My diet, therefore, included thick fat milk (around 500 ml per day). My haemoglobin content was very low at the beginning of my pregnancy. So, I ate figs, dates and black grape juice twice a day.

From the second trimester, I consumed goat liver once a week and included meat in my dirt. I also tried to eat lots of fish; it’s good for your foetus. Also, avoid oily and spicy food as it causes acidity during this time. And, I drank lots of water; as much as possible to maintain the level of amniotic fluid.

My diet also included lots of fruits, such as pomegranates and orange, apple, etc. that provided me with the nutrients essential for my baby’s growth and development. I also had one large gooseberry every day; it improves immunity. Nuts were also a part of my pregnancy diet. Try to eat some walnuts daily throughout your pregnancy to help develop your baby’s brain. If you want to take saffron, you can consume only a pinch not more than that.

Walking is the best exercise for pregnancy; I started walking from my second trimester.

From your third trimester, you may drink 1 teaspoon of castor oil every day, or you can consume butter. It could help with during normal delivery. I tried this; it gave me the best result.

To increase your baby weight in the womb, take lots of dry fruits and nuts, meat, fish, and a protein shake. It definitely helps. Till my eighth month, my baby weight was up to 1.5 kg. After I tried these remedies, my baby was 3 kg when she was born.

Last but not least, enjoy the pregnancy time and don’t worry about the things around you. Be happy, stay safe, and hope for new beginnings.

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