50 Soft Names for Boys

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Cute soft baby boy names are hard to find. These names are generally endearing, unique, and creative in their own league. If you’re struggling to find a decent list of soft-names for baby boys, don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Just keep reading on.

Best Soft Boy Names With Meanings

The best soft, gentle boy names are the ones that have a history behind them. Boy names that mean soft or exude grace carry an air of status and heritage to them. Take your time and browse through our list of names for soft boys and gentle kids.

1. Abbey

The Hebrew name signifies being beautiful, gentle, and intelligent. It is popular since it implies the one who does the duties of a responsible priest. The name is also a short-form of Abigail King David’s third wife.

2. Abijah

This gentle boy name means ‘the Lord God is my father’ in Hebrew. It is a rare name, once very popular in Biblical times.

3. Abab

The name Abab means softness, or gracefulness of youth. It is of Arabic origin.

4. Asa

Asa refers to a child who is brought to the world to become a healer. The name represents the gentleness a healer usually has.

5. Aubrey

Aubrey refers to ‘ruler of elves’. It’s a unisex name but most commonly used for boys. The name has a gentle appeal to it.

6. Addison

Addison literally means the ‘son of Adam’. The name refers to Adam’s son, the soft and gentle Abel. Famous actor Addison Randall from the US is a co-bearer of this name which can also be spelt Addyson.

7. Baines

Baines means White, the gentlest of colours. Drawn from old English and the Gaelic version of Bain it implies the softness of fairy-like whiteness.

8. Baptist

Baptist is a Roman and Greek name which means ‘dipping gently in water’. Forerunner with the same name was John the Baptist of Biblical fame. You can also spell it Baptiste as the French do.

9. Barnabas

Barnabas is derived from Barnabya and is again a name used in the Bible and means ‘son of consolation’ in Aramaic.

10. Beau

Beau means ‘a beautiful and gentle person’. Drawn from the French endearment, it also means a very good man.

11. Bennett

Bennett means ‘the blessed little one’ and is a handsome medieval name for gentle boys.

12. Flynn

Flynn is an anglicized Old Gaelic name that is given to boys with red hair.

13. Free

Free literally means ‘free’ or ‘freedom’. A child who is free-spirited, gentle, and kind is an apt bearer of the name, and it originates from Old English.

14. Galen

Galen means calm or peaceful. It comes from Old Greek.

15. Galo

Galo is a rare name. Although it’s gentle-sounding, it means ‘of a rooster’ and is of Latin origin. Roosters are generally considered gentle and non-aggressive. This name is perfect for a gently baby.

16. Galileo

Galileo, meaning ‘from Galilee’, as the gentle Jesus, is a very soft-sounding and gentle name for a baby boy. Perhaps he will turn out like the famous astronomer Galileo?

17. Glover

Glover refers to someone who makes gloves. The name can be considered synonymous with having a gentle hand to ensure perfection.

18. Gray

Boys who are named Gray are often perceived to be charming, handsome and have an endearing personality. Gray refers to the colour ‘grey’, a gentle and soothing colour that can create a relaxing atmosphere.

19. Harper

Harper is a boy’s name with a slightly feminine touch. It means ‘someone who plays the harp’. The name signifies the gentleness a harp player needs to have to be able to create beautiful music.

20. Haluk

Want your boy to be known for being good-natured and gentle? Try Haluk, which is unique, and means exactly that in Turkish.

21. Goodwin

Goodwin is God’s friend and symbolises purity, and it means ‘a good-hearted person”; a quality most gentlemen have.

22. Icarus

Icarus means ‘follower’ and is derived from Greek mythology. The name is perfect for someone with a soft personality.

23. Jacintho

Jacintho is a Spanish and Portuguese variation of Hyacinthus. The boy Hyacinthus was a lover of the sun God Apollo and is known in Greek myths to be beautiful, soft, and gentle as a flower, and a divine hero.

24. Jackson

Jackson means ‘God is merciful’ and is mostly used for English surnames, but it has a gentle meaning that goes perfect for a gentle boy.

25. Abhiratra

Abhiratra is a name of Sanskrit origin, and it means small, humble, and soft.

26. Adiel

Adiel is a name that means God has decorated you for being servile and gentle with ornaments of peace. Loved by God, your son will find favour with this soft Hebrew name.

27. Bird

Bird is a rare name for a young boy, but it’s cute and has a gentle meaning too. It means ‘young bird.’

28. Christian

Christian is a name given to both boys and girls alike. It refers to the act of Baptism. It also means the ‘follower of Christ’, a perfect name for a gentle soul.

29. Cailean

Cailean means ‘a cub’ and has a lot of peace and joy behind it. It has Scottish origins and evolves from Irish names Callum and Collium.

30. Cassidy

Cassidy is an old Irish name that means ‘clever’ or ‘curly-haired’. If your clever baby boy has those soft curls, this name is perfect for him.

31. Daewon

Daewon is a soft boy name that means ‘Gracious is Yahweh’ in Hebrew. A good nickname is Day, drawing from the pronunciation.

32. Eulalio

The name means soft-spoken. It has a Greek origin and is quite a gentle name for baby boys.

33. Farouk

Farouk implies ‘one knows the distinction between wrong and right’. With an Arabic origin, this name is an excellent soft name for a baby boy who does the right things.

34. Happy

Happy is a soft joyous English name widely used for baby boys in Asia. Name your son Happy if you want to show he is endowed with joy and happiness.

35. Helios

Helios means the sun in the Greek language. The name is a soft version for the essential sunlight without which life cannot survive. Once popular, the unique name glorifies the sun God and his everlasting rule.

36. Latif

Latif exemplifies the traits of kindness and being gentle. It is a very popular Arabic name.

37. Haven

Parents prefer using Haven as a boy’s name as it means a sanctuary. It originates in the English language and symbolises the peace and joy of a sanctuary.

38. Keala

This Hawaiian name means ‘the perfumed or scented one’. The uniqueness of such names is presently very widely used in the USA.

39. Rafiq

This Arabic name is an excellent name for your bonnie son. It means he is a compassionate person who is kind and gentle.

40. Quinn

Quinn is a soft-sounding name that means ‘one who is wise, graceful, and reasonable’. A popular Irish name and surname it also symbolises the Conn descendants.

41. Sean

This lovely boy’s name means ‘God’s mercy’ in the Hebrew dialect. It is used by the Irish as John and has many famous people, rulers and actors who share this modern, exotic-sounding soft name.

42. Tucker

Tucker is one who softens the fabric and is of English origin.

43. Sohal

Sohal is a name of Sanskrit origin and means ‘a person who is delicate and soft’.

44. Javen

Javen means ‘youth’ in Arabic. The name is perfect for a tender, youthful child.

45. Salomon

Unique and different, the French, Danes, Norwegians, Finnish people all have different spellings. It is drawn from the Hebrew word shĕlōmōh meaning peace, symbolizing gentleness. Spell it Shelomo, Salomao or even Solomon.

46. Pace

Pace from the old English language means the man who brings peace. It was very popular as a surname and has been resurrected as a soft-sounding unique baby boy’s name.

47. Pal

The Hungarian name used for Paul it means ‘petite’, ‘small’, and ‘tiny’. The English name has been widely used by popes, rulers, saints, actors and others. In Latin, it was very popularly used to name baby boys. It is also an Indian surname.

48. Baris

Want your son to enjoy peace? Name him Baris and call him Barry if you like. The Turkish name means ‘one who is peaceful’.

49. Galen

Galen is an English name that draws heavily on the ancient Greek term ‘galene’ which means ‘to be at peace’ or ‘peaceful’.

50. Gene

Gene means ‘one who is born in a noble family’. Drawn from the French Eugene, it originates in the Greek Language which uses Eugenios or born of a good family.

We hope you found enough baby boy names that mean soft and gentle or signify these characters in one way or the other. They are sure to strike a chord with your family. Good luck!


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