Should I Give to My Daughter a Cow Milk or a Buffalo Milk?

Should I Give to My Daughter a Cow Milk or a Buffalo Milk?

Khyati is my name. I am a working mom. My baby girl is now 14 months old. When I got a call from the office after my maternity leave asking whether I wanted to return, the first thing that came to mind was, “What would my child eat when I go back to work?  I’m not sure how I’ll handle breastfeeding.” She was about to turn six months old. Therefore, it was time to start giving her outside milk as well. But then there was whether to drink cow milk or buffalo milk. When I spoke about it with the doctor, he suggested buffalo milk. However, buffalo milk contains fat, which a six-month-old baby cannot absorb. 

After consulting with my mother, in-laws, and friends who have children, we then introduced her to cow milk. Many people warned me not to give her cow milk because they couldn’t digest the protein. As a result, I gave her diluted milk. However, she continued to have loose motion over the next few days. I continued to give her cow milk, assuming that another factor could cause loose motion. However, after introducing her to a few vegetables and fruits, she developed a cough and fever after a few weeks.

People were once again refusing to help me. “Cow milk is easy to digest, and I grew up drinking it exclusively.  I reasoned, “so what’s wrong with it? At that age, milk was a necessary food, and my job was 9 to 6.” After consulting a number of friends and conducting extensive research, one of my friends advised me to add rock sugar to it. Milk with a pinch of rock sugar helps to avoid cough, so I started doing it, and she hasn’t had a cough in a long time. She now enjoys drinking cow milk, and I am a very happy mother!

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