Review: Babyhug Soft Grip Brush and Comb for Babies

My Overall Take On Babyhug Soft Grip Brush and Comb Set: 

Brushing your child’s hair is not just about a neat look, but it also helps scalp health. Choosing the right brush and comb is very important to keep your child’s hair healthy, and also to prevent the tender skin on the head. We should opt for a baby brush that has soft bristles, so that there is no damage to the scalp. Brushing also helps to prevent cradle cap. The gentle bristles brushing your little one’s hair and scalp can be relaxing and also stimulate their neurological system.

Babyhug Soft Grip Brush has soft bristles that not only smoothen the hair, but also work to remove tangles. The brush stimulates and increases blood circulation. It is also good for treating cradle cap. It is made of plastic, so can be cleaned easily with mild soapy water or baby shampoo. The plastic is BPA free. The brush is good to groom the baby’s hair from infant stage to toddler. It is also gentle on the baby’s soft spot, and helps to keep the infant calm with gentle massaging of the scalp.

The comb has smooth teeth to comfortably glide through a baby’s hair without hurting the scalp. It can be used to part and style the hair. Hair at the back often gets matted when the baby sleeps and this comb helps in getting out the knots comfortably.

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Main Features:
a) Both the Brush and Comb have soft bristles which keep the scalp and the hair healthy without causing any damage to the baby’s hair and scalp. It is the perfect hairbrush for a healthy and cheerful baby and toddler.
b) Both have soft grip handles so it is designed for ease of handling.
c) The brush helps prevent and treat cradle cap.
d) The detangle feature helps in detangling the curly or matted hair and make the hair silky smooth.
What I liked: 
a) Easy to clean and maintain.
b) This set of brush and comb helps in massaging and relaxing the baby to sleep peacefully.
c) The brush has soft nylon bristles so they eliminate stress on the scalp helping in
maintaining scalp health. These bristles help in detangling tresses. They do not create much static as natural brushes. They can penetrate and glide through any hair texture.
d) The comb has teeth with blunt edges to avoid hurting the baby’s scalp.
e) It comes at a reasonable price.
Performance Ratings: 
Features:    * * * *
Product Design:  * * *
Performance (Basis Features):   * * * *  
Value for Money:   * * * 
Would I recommend  Babyhug Soft Grip Brush and Comb Set? 

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