How to Take Care of Your Baby's Dry Skin

How to Take Care of Your Baby’s Dry Skin

Most babies have very dry and sensitive skin, and moms get worried about that, like I do. I am a first-time mom of a 4-month-old baby girl. She has very sensitive skin, and these days, her skin is getting dry. I was so worried. My grandmother suggested that I use cow ghee, but I was worried about whether it will work or not, whether it will suit my baby’s skin or not, if there’s a side effect, then what would I do… Her skin is also prone to allergies, and she get rashes on her face, neck, and arms. The doctor had told me that maybe she has a food allergy, or it may have come from some clothes. I had thought that it was a heat rash or some sort of eczema.

As moms, we get worried easily, and have to face new challenges daily. It feels like every day begins with something new to worry about!

So, the first thing to do it to stop worrying (if possible!). Next, let’s look at the tips that worked for my baby’s dry skin and rashes.

  • Massage the baby daily. Oil massages are very important. Try never to miss massaging your baby. The best oil is virgin coconut oil. Use it to properly massage the baby’s whole body, leave it for at least half an hour, and then bathe the baby. Massage your baby twice a day (day and night) to keep the skin soft and smooth. It will also help the baby to sleep well, as it soothes the body. I am also using pure desi cow ghee for my baby. It keeps her skin smooth and rash-free.
  • Use a moisturiser. Try out some baby moisturisers, and choose the one that best suits your baby’s skin. Go for one that keeps the skin hydrated and rashes at bay.
  • Give your baby an evening sponge bath. My baby is teething, so she is drooling a lot. She gets soiled with the drool, which leads to rashes. So, in the evening, I use lukewarm water and a muslin cloth to clean her body, and then I use moisturiser.
  • Most important, choose products that suit your baby’s skin type. Don’t change products frequently.

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