My Baby’s First Vacation to the Maldives When He Was Just 11 Months Old

I know you must be wondering what will an 11-month-old baby know if he is at home or in the Maldives. Well, my husband and I always love to go on vacation, and we didn’t want to stop doing what we love after the birth of our child. Therefore, we planned our vacation for us as ‘parents’. To find out the difference between the vacation with and without diapers in our suitcase. It was not easy to plan like our earlier vacations there were many things to plan like how to deal tantrums in flight, book a baby-friendly, place to stay, and food decisions, etc.

I won’t deny that we were scared what if the baby acts cranky full time in flight, what if he falls sick, what if he doesn’t eat or like food, what if baby gets upset in a speed boat (since we had to take a speed boat to our resort), what if he doesn’t sleep well at night. There were so many thoughts that scared us. But in the end, let me tell you, it was worth the experience and most important it was not bad at all keeping all my ‘what if’s’ in mind.

We decided to go to the Maldives for 3 nights and 4 days. The flight journey was smooth as I used the tip of feeding while taking off and landing which really helped. And when it was time for going to resort by a speedboat, I hadn’t imagined that my baby would start crying when the speed boat would stop, and that’s what he did. And our resort was more than we expected and it was baby-friendly more than family-friendly is what I can say. And the food which I was concerned about was too good for my little one. He had loads of options and that’s when I learnt that babies like it when you keep a lot of options in front of them. Luck would have it, he slept better there than he did at home. And I used to leave him on the sand by the beach he enjoyed playing with sand.

The reason I wanted to share my experience with all parents was that many parents give up on what they liked to do before baby. I don’t think we should stop, definitely, it won’t be the same as before but that’s fine as long as we find different ways to enjoy life. It’s great to have such good memories which we will forever cherish. I strongly feel our life should not freeze because of our own baby. We should continue to be what we were.

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