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The meaning of ‘life’ is very deep and giving your baby a name that means life gives a strong and powerful aura to your child. Names that mean alive are powerful and strong. Names meaning new life are bold and at the same time give value to one’s life. What a wonderful feeling it can be to name your baby ‘life’, as she is the most important part of your life! Go ahead and choose from this list, the most beautiful boy and girl names that mean life. There is a separate list of girl and boy name that means life.

30 Baby Girl Names Meaning Life

Your baby girl is your life and what better to name her with the very meaning that her presence adds. Read on to choose a beautiful name for your baby girl from the list of names that include unique as well as popular names that mean life.

1. Aoife

Aoife in Hebrew means life and in Irish it means ‘one who gives life’, it is also the Irish form of Eve, one of the earliest names in human evolution.

2. Abella

It has a source from French and Hebrew. It means the breath that is the source of life.

3. Aizza

This feminine Hebrew word means ‘life’. This is a unique, stylish name for your baby.

4. Anastasha

This name has the origin from Greek and Hebrew, and it means ‘Resurrection’ or a new life.

5. Aoibbhe

This is a unique English name and has got an Irish origin which means ‘a beautiful life’.

6. Avabelle

A popular English name means ‘one who has a beautiful life’ or ‘breathing in life’.

7. Beatrixe

This name has an English origin and a Christian name meaning ‘explorer through life’.

8. Betha

This Hebrew name means ‘Oath of God’ or ‘life’.

9. Chizue

This Japanese name means ‘a person with a long life or endurance’.

10. Eawa

This name has Hebrew origin that means ‘related to life’.

11. Eba

Eba is a beautiful Hebrew name which means life, the origin of life. It is also the Latin form of Eve, one of the earliest names in human evolution.

12. Eiji

A popular Japanese name means ‘a person with eternity’ and ‘cheerful’.

13. Ella

Ella is a popular name that has got an English and Danish origin which means ‘one who enjoys life’ or a ‘beautiful fairy’.

14. Elu

A super cool and stylish Hebrew name that means ‘a person whose life is full of grace’.

15. Evalyn

This beautiful classic English name means ‘life’ or ‘to live’.

16. Evika

A perfect English name that has got a deep meaning. It means ‘a little one who has given her life for everything’.

17. Godlefe

This is a classic English name and the bearer of the name is a person who is dear in someone’s life.

18. Golors

An English Christian name that goes by the meaning of an independent person in life with determination, and originality. A well-disciplined girl is called Golors.

19. Gonora

This British English name means ‘an enthusiastic and lively person who likes to live a life full of joy’.

20. Grayce

This is a traditional English name and it means ‘goodwill or a person who thinks positively in life’.

21. Hisa

This word has the Japanese origin that means ‘a person having a long-lasting life or everlasting’.

22. Jilian

An ultra-feminine English name that means ‘a youthful person who enjoys her youth part of her life’.

23. Jollene

A widely popular English name meaning ‘a person who is very successful in their life and is very focused and powerful’.

24. Kiena

This name has the Japanese origin which means ‘a person with a prosperous life’.

25. Langhuie

A unique English name meaning ‘a person with a long life or the lasting one’.

26. Lizette

This is a trendy Hebrew and French name meaning ‘Her life is an oath to the God’.

27. Oriella

A perfect royal name meaning ‘a person who is full of energy and life’.

28. Raylene

A modern yet classic English name meaning ‘one who brings a beam of light into the lives of other people’.

29. Viviana

This has the origin in Spanish, Italian, and Hebrew meaning ‘a person who is full of life’.

30. Ziva

The Hebrew name which means ‘a person who is lively or full of radiance and life’.

30 Baby Boy Names Meaning Life

Choosing the name for your baby is a challenging task, especially if you are narrowing down your search to a specific word or meaning. Naming your baby is a delightful process and at the same time quite a herculean task as there are many things that come up in the mind when choosing a name. People tend to have various criteria when choosing their baby names from being modern and meaningful to religious.

Baby Boy Names Meaning Life

1. Achaz

This super cool boy name has the Hebrew origin meaning ‘God’s way of life’.

2. Adamo

This super stylish name means the first man to come to life. Also known as Son of the red earth. Adam is one of the first names in human evolution.

3. Addaneye

This is a stylish and unique English name meaning ‘a person living in a noble person’s island’.

4. Adem

A beautiful name meaning ‘a person who lived a brave life’ in Hebrew.

5. Asher

The Hebrew meaning ‘one who leads a happy life’. Happiness. In Old Testament Asher, Jacob’s 8th son was given a life blessed with an abundance of happiness.

6. Beathan

A cool and trendy name for your boy that means ‘life’ or ‘existence’. This can be used as a surname as well. The bearer of this name will have a great level of confidence and expressiveness

7. Bourne

This trendy and cool English name meaning ‘a person who lives by the river’. It is well suited as a surname too.

8. Calian

A super cool name and that been trending baby boy name is a native American name meaning ‘warrior of life’. A cool and calm baby can be named Calian.

9. Chai

A super cool and trendy boy name in Hebrew meaning life. It is related to the word Chaya which means ‘a living thing’.

10. Chaim

This is also a cool and trendy boy Hebrew name meaning life. It can also be spelled as ‘Chayim’.

11. Chayim

This is a classic Hebrew boy name meaning ‘one who lives life’.

12. Daxon

This super cool English boy name means ‘life-giving water’ or ‘a great leader’. A dashing name for your little bundle of joy.

13. Deen

This soft name has a Hebrew origin meaning ‘one who has a certain way of life’. This cool name will give a positive vibe to your baby.

14. Gaidon

An English Christian boy name, meaning ‘a person who appreciates life and beauty’.

15. Godsalm

This is an English Christian name meaning ‘one who welcomes all good things in life and one who welcomes friendship’.

16. Godvynus

A perfect traditional and classic English Christian name meaning one who is very adventurous in his life. The bearer of this name is very independent and likes to do things on his own.

17. Gonemanus

A British English name meaning ‘one who will lead an independent life and will direct others’. If you see a leader in your little one, then this can be an apt name.

18. Grimbaud

An English Christian name that goes by the meaning ‘a person who lives a life with great optimism and a person who loves life’.

19. Haim

This is a traditional boy’s name of Hebrew origin that means ‘life’. This name was traced back during the middle ages.

20. Hale

A perfect English name, meaning ‘being healthy in life’, ‘well-being’. It is sometimes used as surnames.

21. Harshavardhan

A name of Hindu origin which means ‘lover of life, creator of joy’; a perfect name for the bundle of joy!

22. Hava

A unique name that has the origin from Hebrew and it means ‘breathing’, ‘alive’ or ‘living’.

23. Hyman

A stylish and popular boy name meaning ‘life’. It is of Hebrew origin.  The short form for this name is Hy.

24. Juro

This a trendy Japanese male name means ‘Longevity’, tenth son or best wishes. People with this name a deep passion to serve humanity.

25. Lazare

A stylish and popular boy name of the Hebrew origin meaning ‘one who was restored to life by Jesus’. This name is topping the charts for the best names.

26. Polk

This charismatic name means one who achieves greatness in his life.

27. Sped

A unique and trendy English name meaning ‘one who achieves success in life’.

28. Trumwin

A traditional English Christian name meaning ‘a person who enjoys his life’.

29. Vian

A classic English name meaning ‘a person full of life’. This is a unisex name and trending the charts recently. This is also short for Vivian.

30. Vidal

This Hebrew name means life, knowledge or one who is dearly loved. Vidal, an English boy name meaning ‘life’. This name can be used as a surname. The bearer of this name is often the centre of attraction and enjoy life immensely.

This list of names is carefully chosen to help you find the perfect name for your little one. Names related to life are given in various forms and context so that it makes easier for you to choose the name that sounds right to you. Choose the best name for your baby from the list and help them to carry forward their family legacy with pride. The above names have varied origins like English names, Hebrew, Japanese, Biblical, stylish, British etc. A few can be used as both the first name and the last name.

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