Finding Positivity During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Finding Positivity During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Every coin has two sides, so does every situation in our day-to-day lives. What makes the difference in our lives is just our own perspective. Positivity and negativity, both lie on the same coin. The side of the coin we look at makes the difference.

It’s been over two months we are in lockdown. Lockdown – this word itself says a lot about our lives. It seems like it’s all about being locked in the house, with no work, no money, no social life, and no access to the outside world as the markets are shut down and the entertainment too. The worst is that the poor are dying of hunger; they don’t have food, money, and shelter. And, now as the days are passing, people are getting tired and depressed. These are the worst feelings, the negative aspects of the lockdown.

Now, if we flip the side of the coin, the lockdown phase is not all about negativity. It does have positivity and happiness, too. A lot more like the time we got to spend with our families, which otherwise we wouldn’t. During this lockdown, people came close to their parents and their children. Most people also came closer to nature; they planted flowers and vegetables to revive nature and rejuvenate their senses. During this critical phase, people came out with their hidden talents also; some made special dishes at home, some painted, some wrote, etc. We learned to find happiness in minimum resources.

This lockdown phase taught us many lessons for life. The most important lesson we humans learned from this phase was that in spite of having different economic statuses, religions, genders, regions, countries, the only thing that can save us now is being with our families in our homes, and taking care of our health. This is moving out focus to living life with positivity and strength. Our way of seeing life has really changed. This challenging time will also pass. The only thing we need to do is flip the coin and see the positive side.

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