Hard Times Followed by Sweet Memories, and Now, Mom to a Naughty Rock Star!

Hard Times Followed by Sweet Memories, and Now, Mom to a Naughty Rock Star!

Hey everyone! I’m Anupama – mother to a naughty boy. After struggling and crossing many hurdles (to conceive), I gave birth to a handsome baby boy on September 23, 2017.

That day, the pain I went through my labour, disappeared after seeing my baby.
After three days the baby and I were discharged happily from the hospital. and went home without any further complications.
We named our baby as Reyansh and he is doing quite well but he would never sleep at night. I would wake up all night for the feeding and for the diaper change.

One month had passed we were thinking that his sleeping pattern would change. But I was wrong and the same continued.

One day Reyansh was not drinking milk and was instead spilling it out. So my husband and I rushed to the nearby hospital and visited the doctor.
To my surprise, the doctor said that our baby was looking dull and we needed to do further tests. We didn’t believe him, and in anger, took the medicines and rushed out of the hospital.

We thought that the doctor was bluffing. How could he say that to a healthy baby? But Reyansh was still struggling. So we went back to my previous doctor who does my baby’s regular checkups. She said that the baby is healthy and there was nothing to worry. We were to observe him for one day and bring him back the next day.

One day on December 25th 2017, Reyansh started breathing very fast. We didn’t wait for the ambulance and took our baby on the bike to the hospital. The doctor told us to admit him on an emergency basis.

Reyansh went through 2D echo, post which we waited for the doctor’s opinion. He finally told us that our baby is having ALCAPA ( complex continental heart disease)  and said that his white blood cells count was dangerously high.

We were devastated and unable to understand what to do! The doctor told us that this is one of the rarest cases, and the chances of survival were low.
Finally, Reyansh went through an open-heart surgery on 1st Jan 2018 and the surgery was successful! The doctor told us that they had to see how our baby responds to it, but finally, after so many hurdles, we won the battle!
Finally, after struggling a lot, we brought back Reyansh home happily.

Now he is 2 years and doing very well just like a rock!

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