Do Breast Size and Nipple Shape Really Matter in Breastfeeding?

When my son was struggling to latch during the initial stages of breastfeeding, I was blamed for having flat nipples.
Does the nipple shape really matter in breastfeeding? My supply was constantly doubted, not because my baby’s weight gain is low, but because I had saggy breasts.
So, do saggy breasts really decide your supply? I have heard many moms worry about the fact that they are being blamed for their small sized breasts, as they can’t hold more milk, and thus can’t fulfill the baby’s hunger.
Does breast size matter in breastfeeding?
No, no, no! The answer to all of the above comments or questions is No.
1. The baby’s latching should be in such a way that he latches onto the areola region, and not the nipples alone. So, it doesn’t matter how your nipples are, what their shape is, and what they look like. Deep latching is the best way to make your baby latch properly. If you are not sure about how a baby should latch, please feel free to get support from a lactation consultant.
2. Saggy breasts don’t mean that your supply is low. Sagging of breasts is actually the result of pregnancy and other influences. Now, you might say that during the initial stages, your breasts were full or hard. It’s because the body is initially inefficiently storing excess amount of milk between feeds, but as time goes by, the body begins to understand the baby’s needs, and starts producing according to it. So, you might feel that your supply has gotten low.
3. The size of your breasts is based upon the amount of fatty tissue that is contained within them. But, fatty tissues have nothing to do with our breast milk production. Glandular tissues are responsible for producing breast milk. So, the size of your breast is not necessarily related to breast milk production.
More suckling = more milk is a mantra in the breastfeeding journey.
Check your baby’s latch, be stress-free, increase your fluid intake, and understand your body. This will make a smooth breastfeeding journey.

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