Teaching Different Methods to Teach a Preschooler

Teaching Different Methods to Teach a Preschooler

Teaching a preschooler at home

Every parent wants their children to be educated and they strive hard in providing them with proper education. They look for good schools, quality teachers and so on. But, how do we teach a preschooler at home?

Here are some of the ways :

Firstly, Plan the subject you want to teach

The parents must plan on what to teach their kids. If it’s numbers, alphabets, shapes or colours or whatever is suitable for their age.

Teach them in the following way :

Step 1- Show them everything you want to teach in a particular subject as a whole and teach it to them in the form of rhymes. For example, if you want to teach them numbers from one to five, show all the numbers from 1 to 5, teach it to them in the form of rhymes. Do it daily.

Step 2- Then, teach each number individually on specific days and ask the child to repeat it until he/she learns it.

Step 3- You can repeat step one every day. Show and teach them completely from one to five in the form of rhymes and teach them specific numbers every three days to four days or until the child learns.

Step 4- If the child learnt a specific number, then move on to the next number along with repeating step one. 

Step 5- If the child learns from one to five, then move on to six to ten along with the review of one to five.

Step 6- Reviewing what is learnt previously can be done while you play with your kid, feeding them or during sleep time.

Different methods of teaching

1. We can teach through flashcards

2. Take some crayons, write on a note and teach them

3 . Creating the numbers or alphabets or shapes in clay and teaching them.

4. We can teach through books.

5. We can write alphabets or numbers or shapes with different colours in the notebook, cut them, and ask the preschooler to paste in a sheet or notebook by saying paste ‘A’ or ‘1’ or ‘circle’ in a notebook.

Final thoughts

Each child is different and grows differently from other kids. So, don’t compare your kid with other kids. Make their learning time lovable and don’t try to get the result quickly. Be patient with your kid until he/she learns.

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