My Little Sweetie Pie, and Her Sweet Cravings That Never End!

The tiny tongue needs some sweet flavour, doesn’t it? As a mom, I struggled to find and balance the sweetening agent for my little one. When I started giving her non-breast milk,  it was quite difficult for us to offer simple, plain milk. I am completely against market products to complement the milk. So, I started adding palm sugar, honey, jaggery powder, and nuts powder post one year. But, there are days that I feel she is going high on sugar after joining her school!

Dates and raisins are still enemies to her, compared to the best buddies, chocolates and ice cream. Indian sweets are completely un-compared, and cakes and muffins vanish in no time. How many of you travel in the same boat as mine? How to keep her sugar levels in moderation is still a big challenge!

Also, the other alarming concern is tooth decay. Again, a big deal with a toddler to brush her teeth once itself is a pain, and that too halfway through, they say they are done! Still, I didn’t give up, and I pursue her with rhyme or song to brush one more time. But, is all that enough?

The better solution I have for my all of my concerns, is to hide and play, and gift only when something is done, like chores. So, to begin with, I have hidden all the sweets from the places she knows. When she starts searching for it, I ask her to do any chore for me in the kitchen, or regarding her own toys or books. She will do it nicely, and get one sweet as a reward. Trust me, guys, by implementing this, she stopped asking for more, as she need to do more chores! It looks simple, but works out great if you have a kid who listens. This is also a great way to enjoy the sweets after doing a bit of workout!

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