How to Condition and Nurture Your Child Without Trying "TOO" Hard

How to Condition and Nurture Your Child Without Trying “TOO” Hard

Initial years of a child are the parameters for his future development. What a child learns in the first 3 years of his life, shape and mould him for his future. In today’s fast paced generation children start everything pretty early, and that becomes overwhelming for 1st time parents.

Well as it’s said there are no set rules for parenting, and every parent curates their own rules today i’ll be sharing a few rules that worked for us ‘without trying too hard” 

1.Start at the Very “START”

Yes that’s true, there is no right time to start the “Conditioning” process.,so we should start from the very “start”. While spending time with kids, start by reading to them, singing rhymes, alphabet songs ,number songs, and other creative stuff. These are the basic things which will help the children to recognise and learn these things faster in the future.

2. Practice Good Habits with Kids

Parents often find it very challenging to discipline their kids, and it’s very hard and exhausting at times. But in order to inculcate good manners and habits, parents have to practice them with their kids. Like teaching them the use of polite words (Please,thankyou,sorry,excuse me, etc) teach them to pick up thier toys, put away dirty dishes, use dustbins etc. When we practice with kids what we are trying to teach them, then it builds a trust bond with them and these good habits automatically insinuate in them.

3. ‘Inculcate’ Not Impose

We often as parents try imposing everything on our children like our views, thoughts, feelings and basically everything. And that is where things go south, kids these days do not like being imposed with anything.They often like to take the charge and not follow instructions. So parents instead of imposing should try inculcating good through showing calmer responses, favourable gestures, and effective techniques for moulding kids in a specific way.

4. Set Rewards and Punishments

When it comes to conditioning the most important thing for a kid is to understand the consequenses of his/her actions. Every good deed, be small or big must be appreciated with set rewards and every bad deed must be served with a punishment. In this way a kids understands the consequences of every good and bad decision made by them and more often they end up making the right choices.

5. Instill Optimism and Confidence

The most important step of good parenting is to instill good faith,optimism and self confidence in kids. Not all children are the same, some might be good at one thing and the others might be good at something else. Never weigh down a child under your expectations. Try understanding their strong pursuit and focus on refining that talent, FOCUS ON STRENGHTS NOT WEAKNESSES. Fill your child with optimism and confidence and then they can rule the world!

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