As You Sow So Shall You Reap: A monsoon Fictional Story

lost kid finding the way back home

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This is the story of a nuclear, happy family – the Narang family. The family lives in a town named Ulhasnagar near Mumbai. Reyansh is a 6-year-old boy who studies in the best school of his locality. He’s a grade 1 student. He travels to school and back home on his school bus. His father Navin is a small entrepreneur; he owns a shop. Reyansh’s mother, Diya, also helps her husband at his shop and manages house chores as well. 
It was the 18th day of July when monsoon was at its peak. It was raining heavily since dawn. Reyansh’s mom got him ready for school, and both were waiting for the school bus near their building premises. The bus arrived on time, and Reyansh jumped onto the bus. His mother waved a hand at him till the bus got out of sight. She was worried because of heavy rains. So, she came back home, finished her household chores and reached the shop to help her husband.
It was three quarters past 2. Diya was in a hurry to get back home as it was the time of Reyansh’s arrival. It was still raining heavily while she was on her way home. She stood at the building gate; she was waiting there for Reyansh’s School Bus. The bus arrived, but Reyansh was not on the bus. Diya as worried as she couldn’t find his little son. The driver and another man who used to count children while bringing them back from school both said that Reyansh was there in the queue but how he missed boarding the bus, they were also unable to understand. 
What happened in the school was, Reyansh had learnt to make a paper boat in the class. When he was in the queue, he found a pothole full of water a few steps away from the bus, and he left the queue and started playing with the boat. He was enjoying his game and was lost in it completely. He didn’t realise that the bus had left for home. When he got tired from that game, he got back to the place where the buses were usually parked. There were no buses, so he started walking alone on the road searching for the bus.
Diya called Navin both rushed to the school. They couldn’t find Reyansh in the school as well. They searched for him near school premises; he wasn’t there. They asked the watchman, peon, and manager of the canteen about Reyansh, but even they didn’t know where he was. They searched for him at the stationery and other shops near the school; nobody had a clue about the lost child. 
Everyone was busy, and no one had the time or the mood to notice what’s happening around them because they were already irritated by the heavy rains. 
Navin and Diya tried to find Reyansh at every possible place, but everything was in vain. It was 7 in the evening. They had spoken to everyone – Reyansh’s friends, teachers, principal, their relatives, etc. but they were unaware of the whereabouts of Reyansh. They searched for him twice on each of the roads that connect the school to their home. 
Now, they had no other option except to file a lost report at the police station for their son. They went to the police station and filed an initial lost report of their 6-year-old son. The police assured them that they will try their best to find Reyansh, but couldn’t say by when. They had to leave the police station after completing all the formalities.
They went to school one more time in the hope that they might get a clue. Hope is a good thing, and no good thing ever dies. They wandered here and there till 11 in the night, but they neither found Reyansh nor any news related to him. The roads became quite earlier than ever because of rainfall. They were walking almost alone on the road near their house. People were coming and going after a while, but no one was roaming there. 
Suddenly, they heard the sound of an elderly man who was coughing and sneezing a lot. He didn’t even have an umbrella or raincoat. Diya felt pity about that elderly man and gave him her umbrella. Firstly he refused to take, but when Diya insisted he takes the umbrella,  he asked for her address and promised her that he’ll return it the next day.
Ultimately, Navin and Diya came back to home at 12 AM. They sat down on the floor, hopelessly. They were tired, sad, clueless and hopeless. They were praying to God and crying. Kids are not only the most precious wealth of parents, but they are their heartbeat. Navin and Diya felt their heart had stopped beating.
Suddenly, near about 2 am, their doorbell rang. Navin opened the door. It was that old man to whom Diya had given her umbrella. He came back not just to return her umbrella but he also he Reyansh with him. Reyansh ran towards Diya and hugged her tightly. Both were crying. Reyansh was happy as he was at the safest and happiest place; is mom’s arms. Diya and Navin were also happy as they got their heartbeat back. 
They thanked the old man and asked how he found their son. He replied that suddenly Reyansh came to him and hugged him from behind as he was walking back home with Diya’s umbrella. Reyansh knew his mom’s umbrella, he thought it was his mom under the umbrella, but when he found it was someone else, he started crying. When that old man asked Reyansh, he replied that it’s his mum’s umbrella and he’s searching for her since afternoon. The old man understood that Diya could be his mom, and that’s how he brought him home.
Diya helped an old man unconditionally, and in return, the universe helped her through that man. This world works with this law – do good to others, and it’ll come back to you. If you do a good deed, it’ll get multiplied and will give you better in return. As you sow, so shall you reap.

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