We Can Fight COVID-19 Coronavirus But We Can’t Fight With People’s Mentality

The year 2020 is not treating us good. We are in a situation of a pandemic and the whole world is suffering. In this scenario, where we don’t have a vaccination, we should be taking care of each other and emotionally supporting each other.

Recently, one of my relatives had tested COVID-19 positive, and what I realised was that people were treating each other not in a good way. While we need to take precautions, we shouldn’t look at people who have tested positive or his/her family members with criticism. We were not even in touch with the patient but still, the society treated us bad.

The neighbours asked our maids not to work at our house because one of our relatives was tested COVID-19 positive. Really?! They stopped talking to us and pretended like we have done some serious crime.

People should understand that yes, they should be taking precautions and follow social distancing practices, but they should not treat people who have tested positive or their family members with disrespect. Instead, we should support them in such hard times so that they feel loved and cared for. People who have tested positive for coronavirus are already drained and their family suffers, so we don’t need to and shouldn’t add to their stress by treating them like they are unwanted. You will not get infected by calling them, by talking to them from a distance wearing a mask, or by talking to their relatives.

I totally agree that your safety is your priority but humanity is something we can offer to others by taking care of ourselves as well. There are thousands of people who are helping others during this pandemic. They are proof that humanity still exists. Be normal with the affected people and their families as well. Don’t increase their stress with your poor behaviour. Your one smile or gesture can make their day and that’s what they need right now, more so than ever.

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